#547) The Plan

I’ve just finalized a plan and want to keep you in the loop.

I am lucky enough to be able to join Robert on an upcoming business trip (business for him, frolic for me!), and will be taking a leave from work! (As you might remember, it was really difficult for me when he took his last trip, so this plan pleases me a great deal!)

We are leaving this Friday, Oct. 7th and will not return until Sunday, Nov. 6th. I MAY be able to post here periodically, but don’t know how often. I am sorry for this interruption, but it’s an opportunity for me that I just can’t pass up! I hope you will all understand and return to reading this blog when I come back. (And I’m not leaving for about a week!)

5 responses to “#547) The Plan”

  1. I hope you can sit somewhat comfortably when you return.
    No, I lied. I hope you can’t sit for a week. That would be a sure fire sign that Robert took care of business …and you loved it!
    Thanx bunches for the warning.

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  2. I just returned from such a trip, business for me and fun for my wife.
    Years ago I learned the phrase “Hot Hotel Monkey Sex” from another blogger. Something about being away from home makes us less inhibited (or at least my wife is then).
    I am happily on the receiving end and she did not disappoint as she made good use of a flogger and leather belt on me.
    Have a great trip and I hope you will have some HHMS!

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