#548) Do It Yourself Story – Peonies

Early on, I tried this several times here on this blog. I give you some details and let you write your own story. Model yours after what I’ve shown you in “Apolonia” and “Periwinkle” if you like.
Look at the lovely woman in the photo above and make her your protagonist. Name her whatever you like. I’m going to give her the nickname of Pussy. She has a green thumb, like the other featured women in the previous tales, let’s say she grows peonies. This exquisite flower has existed for over a thousand years, has over six thousand varieties. In ancient Chinese lore, it was said to symbolize female genitalia because it has soft pink petals and a subtly arousing fragrance.
Let’s make Pussy fall in love with a strong, virile man’s man. Give him a resonating name, say Jim. Have him make his living any way you like, but give him lots of skilled hobbies, he excels in artisanal woodworking and handcrafted carpentry, for instance.
Have these two meet cute, maybe she doesn’t like him initially, is put off my his self-confidence and stoic masculinity. But she’s won over eventually. Pussy lets Jim take her out, maybe he invites her over to his home, he fixes her a sumptuous homecooked meal. While there, she sees his creations. Jim can make a towering bookshelf or huge armoire by hand. This work is solid and awe-inspiring, intricate yet simple. It is made like craftsmen made furniture in days of old. Not a single nail holds it together. Jim is a master of tongue and groove technology, one piece of fine wood dovetailing into another. Pussy is smitten with this hunk. She gets inebriated on his homemade wine. She is intoxicated with what she thought was toxic masculinity, but is, instead, just yin to her yang. Jim is pure male, so, of course, her innocent femininity would find it foreign. They often cannot understand one another, but are continually attracted and mesmerized by the other. Jim seduces Pussy. He is an excellent kisser, which helps. But what really makes Pussy fall so deeply in love with this man is his ability to kiss her vagina. Tongue and groove expertise doesn’t only apply to cabinetry; it also has bearing in cunnilingus. Jim makes Pussy’s pussy experience things she never dreamed of! He treats her to climax upon climax, more pleasure than Pussy can withstand. She falls fast asleep on his bed before Jim can properly bed the sweet damsel, pollinate her with his pistil/pistol, fire off his cocked cock. So, by candlelight, Jim paints her portrait, capturing her lithe long-limbed form in two dimensions on canvas. She awakens with the morning light to find breakfast served to her in bed, homemade honey wheat bread toasted and spread thick with canned peach preserves, fresh berries, strong coffee. She gazes at how accurately he captured her face, her nude body, her parted labia in oils. She feels known. It is all so perfect, Pussy starts to softly cry; she doesn’t want to think about having to leave. Jim kisses her tears away, tells her that she doesn’t need to worry. He’d like her to stay…
There’s an outline. Follow it or create your own tale. Fashion dialogue, intersperse some of the names of those six thousand peony varieties in the work, as I did previously. Have fun. Make it suggestive, make it sensual, make it erotic, make it pornographic; it’s yours to tell your way.

(Let’s talk about flowers for a moment. This is a photo of a peony. Can you see why this variety of flower became synonymous with female genitalia? I’d like to rub my mouth and nose, my whole face, into the plush petals of this bloom, just like I’d like to do that with a female seducer/lover/switch.

This is a photo of a rose blossom, but a unique one. This bloom resembles female genitalia rather precisely. I’ve held a hand-mirror up to my vagina and seen this exactly reflected back. It is so close a resemblance, I feel like if I licked the top-center region of petals, that hood would recede and a clitoris would emerge. Can you now see why I like photographs of flowers, was moved to suggest this story’s ideas?)

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