#549) Mary Louise Parker

Do you recognize the image of actress, Mary Louise Parker above? She is best known for her portrayal of the lead in a TV series, “Weeds.” If you haven’t seen this series, I suggest you do as I did, and check the DVD’s out from your local library, or stream it or whatever. It’s worth it, worth it for one particular scene.

Mary Louise’s character deals marijuana, and comes into conflict with a drug kingpin. In one scene, set in the back of his limo, he becomes extremely frustrated with her, Quite suddenly, he grabs her, throws her across his lap, throws her skirt up and spanks her about ten times. Then, he puts her back in place next to him on the car-seat. It is one of the most realistic spanking scenes I’ve ever seen. The unexpectedness of it, the controlled violence, her reactions (wtf just happened, that really hurt, I’m so embarrassed, I kinda liked it…) are all visible on her face afterwards. I don’t know if Mary Louise Parker has spoken about playing this scene as an actress, I haven’t seen any such interviews. I don’t know if she liked or disliked doing that scene for the cameras, for the viewing public. So without that information, I imagine that she is a spanko sister.

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