#550) “I Know, Yes You Can”

It was the end of a lovely date, a date that surpassed the expectations of both parties, Bill and Marie. There was a party going on in their respective pants as they kissed and fondled one another. They sat in his car in her driveway.
“I’ve got to get home, Marie, let me see you to your front door…”
“I know, and yes, you may,” she said sweetly but then pressed her mouth back onto Bill’s. He gave in and kissed her a while longer.
Pulling back once more, he whimpered, “You’re not making this easy, in fact, you’re making it very hard!”
Marie caressed the stiff protuberance in the front of his slacks. “I know… I’d like to kiss it…”
“You’re driving me insane, Marie!” Bill wanted this desperately, but it was eleven fifty, and he had a curfew to abide by, as well.
“I know!” she giggled before kissing and caressing some more.
“You’re doing this on purpose! You ought to be spanked, you little minx!” This was said not unkindly, with a great deal of affection, as well as just as much frustration.
She looked him directly in the eye with hers, baby-blues that were dancing with excitement. “I know. You’re right. Yes, you may.”
Now he had to show her that he wasn’t making idle threats; he had to make good on it or she’d never let him hear the end of it. “I mean it, Marie! You’re making me late for my curfew! I ought to…”
“I know,” she repeated a smile playing on her lips as her face looked serious, “and yes, you can…”
Bill drove an ancient sedan, the kind of car that had a long sofa for front and back seats. In one smooth move, he took his girlfriend by the arm, pulled her across his lap, and held her there. Marie did not resist. “Sometimes you can be so infuriating! You deserve what’s coming!”
“I know,” she repeated with understanding, even resignation. Her face never looked prettier; her mind was actively engaged. Was he really going to do it? Would an adult spanking hurt like the one her mother gave her just that once when Marie had been incorrigible years ago? Would a stinging spanking excite her in reality as much as her frequent fantasies of the act did? Her mind returned to reality because Bill was lifting her skirt up to her waist. Excitement pulsed through her with her pounding heartbeats. He was pulling her panties down! Her bare pudendum was resting on his clothed erection, her bared bottom was staring Bill right in the face! She couldn’t help but wriggle it in anticipation. To stop her, he placed his flat palm on her bottom, right across the summit of those pert hillocks, right across the divide, right down low, near her sex. Marie scissored her thighs together and was surprised by the moisture there.
Then his hand was gone. She felt him exert himself. It was going to be a hard spank! She set her teeth and half-closed her eyes.
They heard the loud report and felt the impact simultaneously, he in his hand, Marie everywhere, painfully deep in the flesh of her fanny, just as explosively but in a pleasurable way in her pussy, even more explosively in her mind. No, he wasn’t a push-over, she told herself. Yes, he was really doing it, spanking her, spanking her bare butt, and fuck, it hurt! A second spank landed at this instant, confirming everything. Oh yes, its pain did not obliterate its profound power to excite Marie’s libido, excite her like nothing else in this world. She was a fetishist, this confirmed it, she thought with a little dismay. But, she’d found her soulmate, a fellow fetishist, a man who knew how to treat her like she needed! He gave her a third wallop, then seemed to be stopping.
“I was mean on purpose, Bill. I get that way sometimes. Spank it out of me…”
His left hand pinned her in place with renewed resolve. His right hand really showed resolve, spanking her bottom hard and fast. She tried to keep count, more for herself, just to see how serious a spanking it would be. But it was too much, too many swats administered too quickly. It really burned! She wriggled her legs, but found this didn’t help. It did wiggle her pudendum against his erection. She was elated that this obviously turned him on as much as it did her.
Just as abruptly as it started, it stopped. Bill helped her back into place next to him. Her bottom radiated intense heat on the car seat. All could see that she was intensely aroused, her labial lips swollen and smeared with jism. She didn’t want to be seen as alone in this state, so reached over and unzipped Bill’s fly, releasing his throbbing erection into the air.
“Well, we’re already late…” he muttered.
“I know,” she smiled through her tear-filled eyes, lowering her mouth onto his cock. His fingers found her pussy. They brought each other off. It seemed like cumming deflated the helium balloon that both were feeling inside. They felt spent.
“I hope that was worth all the parental yelling we’re going to face…” he said without energy.
“Oh, I think it was!” Marie gushed. “It was phenomenal! It was everything I hoped it would be! The only thing better would be if we did everything we just did again next Saturday night!”
“Everything?” Bill asked, seeing how gingerly Marie was sitting.
“Everything!” And she smiled at her boyfriend so mischievously.

(You may recall that, in a comment to post #534 “Lost in a Memory,” mrbillsails told us about a past experience. I loved his comment so much, I fashioned this fiction around its basics. I hope that he and everyone enjoys!)

12 responses to “#550) “I Know, Yes You Can””

  1. Yes!!! I enjoyed this very much. Not only was it based upon my real life experience, but you did an amazing job of making it a very hot story. Somehow you even hit some details that relate including that back seat and her beautiful blue eyes.
    She was so young and innocent, but she loved sex. I was terrified of an accidental pregnancy so it was all fingers and oral.
    My first love, Annie, she was a delight, and I spanked her many times after that.
    I hope she is still getting spanked!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sure that many people are wondering what a KINKY THINKING guy did for a living:

    My occupations: Carpet and upholstery cleaner turned factory worker turned janitor/flyer inserter turned flyer inserter only turned janitor only and sideman jazz musician.
    During my first six years in the working world, I loved cleaning carpets and upholstery on sunny days in the spring, summer and autumn in the country!! Most of my cleaning buddies were hooked on nicotine while I was hooked on my own endorphins!! Occasionally, I would get an orgasmic high while working in the country on sunny days!!


      What about the possibility of me becoming a professional writer of: SPANKING LITERATURE??!!
      I think that many SPANKING ENTHUSIASTS would be TURNED ON quite a bit by reading my comments!
      I know that I am myself!!


  3. I’ve had consistent difficulty posting here, but I’ve previously written that I’m so sorry that you had to call me out to comment! I’ve been so busy, but that’s no excuse, it’s still wrong of me. Thank you for the literary spanking (in print instead of hand prints)! And I LOVE how you refer to your significant other as Bacall; I loved Lauren B’s work in film history!
    Jean Marie


    • ???????????????????
      I did not know that I referred to “my significant other as BACALL”??
      Can you explain?!


    Sorry BUT I did NOT think that I had to comment about you personally including your writing!
    BUTT STUFF:A blog about all things related to the female derriere, especially adult spanking!!
    ALL of my comments pertain to this subject!!
    Your statement: Fourth, you embarrassed me by calling me out, for not responding to your comments. This is something I try to do faithfully, but have trouble keeping up with, so it hurt me.
    ?????????????I did NOT criticise you for NOT responding to my comments!!
    I merely said:
    Would you mind making some comments on some of my comments??!!
    BTW, this edition of this blog will NOT allow me to give the link to AUTUMN IN MUSKOKA!


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