#552) “My Beautiful Stutter”

I have been honest about my speech impediment, my stutter on this blog. There is a new movie out called “My Beautiful Stutter” that I want to recommend highly about this affliction. I believe it is streaming on Apple TV+. Check it out if interested.

(The photo above is not of me. It is of a lovely lady that I wanted you to be able to appreciate.)

2 responses to “#552) “My Beautiful Stutter””

  1. I’m 66 and have had a lifelong stutter. Milder than some. But I especially have trouble beginning a sentence with certain sounds, including the first letter of my (real) name. So it’s hard to introduce myself to people.

    My profession also requires public speaking. I’ve gotten much better, but it’s always a challenge.

    I’ll check out the film.

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