#554) True Confession – Wedgies

I have thong underwear in my panty-drawer, but don’t wear them often. I don’t like the feel of that fabric wedged up my crack! This doesn’t mean that I don’t like the feel of other things up there. When I taught in a school classroom, I would always greet the students at the start of the day standing at my doorway. What the kids didn’t realize was that I would stand with the side of the door jam wedged up my butt crack through my dress and underclothes. It’d give me a thrill to be so nasty so secretly. It seems I’m not alone; I’ve run across photos of women doing the same thing in various situations. Here is a cross-section of what I’ve collected.

Here’s a cutie doing this in her underpants in her bedroom. If you see your girlfriend doing this, she’s trying to tell you something. Take the hint.

This young lady has taken it a step further. She is sans panties. She’s working the tiled corner of the bathroom sink way up there. Look at that expression on her face! Look at those hard nipples! She wants you to know that she likes this intrusion, she wants you to intrude.

This leotard-clad lass has taken it to the laundry room. She’s getting a little stimulation, a little satisfaction from the corner of the dryer. (I’ve previously written about the fun of doing the nasty deed on top of the dryer.) I love the inward turn of her knees, her toes pointed in with her heels out, the expression on her face as that corner penetrates…

This woman has given herself a wedgie of her ample backside with a pole. I think she’s rehearsing her act (it looks like a dance studio and the lights are up). I enjoyed the glimpse into this world that the Jennifer Lopez movie, “Hustlers” provided. Is it any wonder that the dancers wipe the pole down between acts?

Finally, this city-dweller has taken it public. She’s wedgie-ing on a bus. (As if her tight leggings weren’t sexy enough!) Besides the pleasurable experience, I think this woman is advertising; any ass aficionado is going to be attracted to what she’s doing. It’d be a great conversation starter.

Imagine a father visiting his son at college, both seeing this woman pleasure herself in this way.

“That’s how I met your mother,” Dad says, nodding toward the co-ed. “She was doing that at UCLA twenty five years ago. Go introduce yourself…”

It seems that I’m not alone in liking the feel of a good wedgie.

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