#557) “Give It To Me”

Robert comes home from work to find his girlfriend on her knees, nude, eyes on the floor in front of her, waiting patiently, waiting submissively. It only takes him a nano-second to get on her wavelength; Jeanie is needy.
“The razor strap is hanging in its place, young lady. Run and give it to me, please.”
She sprints to the master bathroom. There on its hook is her favorite implement in the whole world. She takes the London Tanners work of art off the wall and caresses it with her hands, even rubs its suppleness across her face. Daily, Robert uses this well-crafted tool to sharpen the straight razor he uses to trim his facial hair. Not nearly often enough, Jeanie gets to feel this tool’s other use. She comes out of her reverie and runs it back to her waiting lover. He holds his hand out, and says the magic words again.
“Give it to me.”
Jeanie presents it with both extended hands while back on her knees. Then she lowers her upper half while raising her bottom end. This, too, is one of her favorites. Robert faces her rear, steps into place with his lower legs at each of her sides near her waist. He raises the strap high and brings it down hard. CRACK! It leathers her bottom longways. Stroke after stroke explodes in the air, reverberates around the room, stings and warms and reddens her bottom. He aims at alternate cheeks, comes precariously close to catching her across her crack, and therefore near her exposed pussy lips, but never errs.
For her part, Jeanie holds still and takes the thrashing with closed eyes and a receptive heart. Over and over, she whispers to herself the mantra, “Give it to me…”
Robert watches his lover react, is impressed with how well she receives the hard licks, falls in love with her all over again listening to her little mews and moans. He wants to give her a short respite, so holds the strap in his left hand as his right reaches down to appraise the warmth, appreciate the redness. His hand wanders into her humid divide, then explores down further. He has to laugh out loud.
“Honey, you’re sopping wet!”
“I know,” she giggles, “it’s that strap, I love it so…”
“I’d planned to give you a break. Why don’t you put on a pair of panties so you don’t leak all over everything?”
“If you insist,” she replies, like he’s the biggest spoilsport in the world. She comes back wearing a peach-colored thong. Her once crimson bottom is now merely hot pink. The two shades look lovely together. He pulls Jeanie over his knee, caress her warm mounds. Rubs turn into soft love-pats.
“Are you gonna spank me?” she interrupts.
“I dunno, I was thinking about it…”
“Can’t I have more of the razor strap? Please! Give it to me…”
Robert picks her up in his arms, carries her and the strap to their boudoir. He places her over the edge of the bed. Jeanie wriggles her bottom with gleeful anticipation. These strokes are administered lengthwise, across her ample cheeks, making the flesh jump, making that deep crease press into a thin line. It is like a mesmerizing loop of a movie for Robert watching, his smack, her flex and then relaxation, over and over. Finally, he can’t take it anymore.
“I need you, darling…” he grunts, peeling that thong down, finding her sex awash with arousal. He aligns his cock with her shiny slit.
“Give it to me, Robert…” her voice conveys all the need she holds inside. “I’m close to…”
He slips his manhood into Jeanie like slipping into a warm swimming pool from the side. She is almost as wet, and it causes barely a ripple. She envelopes him with her welcoming warmth. He has to think about other things to keep from cumming. Meanwhile, Jeanie concentrates on all the mounting sensations and is on the brink of orgasm within the first few thrusts of his hips. Because she’s in a super submissive headspace, Jeanie doesn’t wait until he’s given her several climaxes before asking, as she normally does.
“You know where I need you…?” she gasps. He does. Robert extracts his erection from her vagina like pulling a bucket from out of a well, a lot of her arousal comes with it. He anoints her rear portal with it with the head of his cock. She seems lost in her subspace, but murmurs, “I think I’m a pancake… I’m not done until you’ve flipped me over and done me on both sides… Give it to me, lover…” Normally, he’d paint her rectum with lubricant, take a long time to prepare Jeanie for the penetration. But this isn’t normal; there is nothing usual about this. This is the eruption of volcano, just as cataclysmic an event. They’ve both felt it building for days. Jeanie has been smoldering, her Mount Venus like Vesuvius. Robert thinks that enough of her molten lava has leaked from her simmering sex into her nearby anus. He also knows that Jeanie wants this one to be a demanding fuck, wants it to burn. He presses, watches his erection stretch her orifice, watches his length disappear within her, feels her velvet grip, has to redouble his efforts not to climax immediately. He takes his eyes off her curvaceous ass, it’s just too erotic, looks at the space between her slender shoulder blades instead, sees the slight tension knot there, watches this tighten. He knows that she’s putting all her effort into accepting him where he’s penetrating, where it’s not made for this.
He hears the strain in her voice as she sighs, “Oh, God… that’s so… good…!” She’s talked herself into it by the time he’s all the way in. “Fuck me… give… it… to… me!”
He does. She cums. He can’t forestall the inevitable any longer, he cums. Two bodies, joined together, moving in synchronicity, both tensing in spasms, both vociferously articulating their joy until muscles can give no more, until voices can scream no longer, until both partners are spent. They lie together in a sweaty heap, smiling, breathing hard, replete.
Jeanie’s voice is tremulous as she breaks the silence.
“So, how was your day at work?”

(I hope you love this pictured position as much as I do, with the Top standing over the sub facing the opposite way, the Top’s legs gripping the sub’s waist! I don’t find any of the shoes pictured to be that hot, but the burnishing of her bottom is SO HOT!)

(I often think of my vagina as an erupting volcano. That’s all I’ll say…)

This is the last lengthy written piece that I’ll post for a while, while I travel for about a month. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to post daily, but it won’t be much. But, I have a plan. For continuity, I’m going to give you a taste of that plan later today.

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