#564) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #7

The model pictured above catches you staring at her backside.

“You keep looking at my bottom. Is something wrong with it?”

You shake your head, unable to speak as she lowers her clothing.

“Here… Take a closer look… If there’s nothing wrong, then enjoy all that’s right with it… My only problem is that my bottom hasn’t been spanked in such a long time…”

Unable to control yourself, you not only stare, you touch, caress, massage, part and peek within, inhaling her scent, appreciating the smooth coolness and heft of the buttocks.

“Do me a favor… Give me the spanking I long for…” she whispers.

You’re hesitant in the presence of such perfection.

“Go ahead… It ain’t gonna spank itself… Please…”

You do. You get quite involved, even get carried away and really warm her to a burnished glow.

“Thank you!” she smiles with glistening eyes afterward. “I needed that… Maybe I should keep my bottom uncovered from now on in your presence… so you can address my needs whenever…”

The spanking hasn’t only heated her bottom; her sex is radiating interest, as is yours…

I wonder what will happen next…

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