#565) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #8

Here is a study on three different ladies who are all smiling broadly. Not with a smirk, not with a grin; these three lovelies are showing all of their 32 teeth for us. They are also showing off their erotically bared bottoms. Are they smiling because they each know the reaction those exposed bums will have on you? The above model is doing a little light cleaning around the kitchen. I think you need to “clean her clock” with a sound spanking turned over the sink counter. Her thick derriere can take it, her taunting smile declares that she needs it.

This blond seems (justifiably) proud of her pert rear-end. Is it just a coincidence that she’s in the bedroom, right by the mattress? I think not! Sit on the bed, take her over your knee, warm and redden that pale posterior.

This bold lass has bared her bum in public, in a bar. She seems very comfortable, perhaps she’s the owner, or a waitress. Regardless, I think we need to wipe that big smile off her pretty face by spanking that big pretty fanny. Remember, it ain’t gonna spank itself.

2 responses to “#565) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #8”

  1. I love all three, Jean Marie and, in turn, I’ll deal with the ‘thick derriere’, the ‘pale posterior’ and the ‘pretty fanny’. Joy of joys!
    Sophie x

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