#566) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #9

You find the above pictured young lady sitting on her bed, waiting for you.

You inform her that you think she needs a sound spanking.

She doesn’t argue or resist.

She stands, turns, gives you a good look at the target area to be punished, a large, smooth, uniformly tanned posterior.

“How do you want me positioned” she requests.

“Bend over the edge of the bed, please,” you reply.

She complies immediately, then looks back at you to ask, “G-string up or should I pull it down?”

You sit next to her “sit-upon”, caress its coolness. “I’ll pull it down in a bit, once we’ve gotten rolling…” you answer. You place your left hand on the small of her back, but it’s only prefunctory; the pretty lass won’t need controlling. She knows that she needs what’s coming. She arches her bottom up in anticipation.

You raise your right hand high. This has to be a long, painful punishment. She has to know that you’ll answer her misdeeds with swift action. You bring your hand down hard and fast, the first of many spanks you’ll need to deliver…

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