#568) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #11

First, I’m having a marvelous time traveling! My bum has been very frequently spanked in all sorts of locales public and private, exotic and erotic. I’ll tell you all about it upon my return.

Second, a few days ago, I posted photos of women smiling broadly while flashing both all their teeth as well as their bottoms. Today I’d like to feature several lovelies who are smiling less broadly, just smirking.

Please look at the intriguing raven-haired young lady pictured above. Just because her smile is more demure doesn’t mean that she’s more inhibited about displaying her backside. She’s not wearing any pants, she’s looking you straight in the eye; you know what she’s thinking!

Now concentrate on the reclining brunette at left. She’s entirely nude save for a few tattoos and that beguiling grin. She has the same thought in mind, something along the lines of, ‘there’s my bottom, bared and waiting… you can see that it hasn’t been punished in far too long… it ain’t gonna spank itself…’

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