#569) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #12

Up to this point in this series, I’ve shown photos of women who know that they need a spanking. They’ve been the ones to volunteer the phrase, “It ain’t gonna spank itself, therefore would you please assist me by providing me with said spanking?”

But even for a spanking enthusiast like me, there are times when one does not want punishment, but one does need said punishment.

Look at the photo above, please. I’m told that she is a Playboy magazine playmate, but I don’t know her name. Look at the expression on her pretty face. There seems to be an element of surprise there, maybe something else, like guilt, there too. I imagine that it’s dawn, that this beauty has just awoken, that she’s just been informed by her lover that a sound spanking is first on the day’s agenda, even before breakfast is served. She pushes the knit comforter down to expose her bare bottom as her lover removes their belt, doubles it, brandishes it over those bared butt cheeks. Her lover contemplates the poignant magnificence of her bared bum, is moved to mutter something like, “It hurts me to have to blemish the beauty of this bottom with a beating, but it seems that it’s the only way you learn, so it falls to me to give it to you…”

Now consider the curvaceous beauty of the model at left. She, too, is a Playboy playmate, her name is Karen McDougall. She is famous because she confessed to having had a sexual affair with Donald Trump, receiving payment for her favors. He was a married man at the time, so she erred in several ways during their months-long tryst. Years after the fact, let’s say that she had a moment of enlightenment, saw the error of her ways, she confesses to her current lover, walks naked out on the wintery balcony with the guilt-ridden words, “I messed-up. I feel bad about it. It’s on my mind a lot, prevents me from getting a decent night’s sleep. Please relieve me of this burden, lover…” That lover takes off his leather belt, puts a hand on the center of her back until she bends over. Pendulous warm breasts rest in the snow as her goose-pimpled posterior is presented. That lover cracks the supple thick leather across her thick derriere’s hide, chases the goosebumps away with heat, over and over…

Two women separated by time and space, but with the commonality of having shown the world their naked beauty, also sharing the commonality of needing their well-upholstered bottoms to be painfully burnished by a belt wielded by a significant other. After all, those deserving backsides aren’t gonna spank themselves…

2 responses to “#569) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #12”

    • Yes, ma’am, JUST like mine. Pillowy soft and plump around the indentation of a button, in my case a buttonhole. My bottom is better after a day of rest, ready for more whipping….


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