#570) Fair Is Fair

Something is incongruous in the photo above.

The fetching lass seduced three powerful men, her bosses. Now their wives want to exact revenge. They have a large, menacing wooden paddle at the ready. The secretary is about to be turned over the edge of the desk and given a dozen fearsome whacks across her bared bum with that heavy paddle by each wronged wife. That seems fair. But weren’t the bosses guilty, too? They unfairly wielded their power over the secretary, comely though she may be.

I suggest that after the dozen wallops are administered by a wife, that the husband-boss have to get his offending pee-pee out of his pants and rest cock and balls on the edge of that desk. Then the secretary gets to give his manhood one good wallop with the heavy paddle. That seems like a more just solution to the entire situation. What do you think?

(I had time to post twice today. I’ve been traveling, sightseeing, shopping all day every day. But this morning I’m resting. Actually, I’m lying in bed with an ice pack on my bared butt because I’ve been spanked multiple times daily and the damage is adding up! I am a very happy submissive due to all the “attention” I’ve been receiving day in and day out! We’re about half way through our travels. I hope my big butt can last for another several weeks! I’m thinking about you all; please give a little thought to my poor, well-spanked butt!)

2 responses to “#570) Fair Is Fair”

    • It wasn’t so much deeply bruised as just chaffed at the skin’s surface. A day eating room service food on my tummy on the bed with an ice pack balanced on my bum did a world of good. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts!


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