#571) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself – Lucky #13

I am unapologetically, unabashedly head-over-heels in love with my man, Robert. I am his completely, he is mine; he can have me in any way he wishes, I submit to him him utterly, with my whole heart. This trip has strengthened and solidified our relationship in wonderful ways, which I plan to recount for you in some nakedly revealing accounts when I return home in mid-November.

As I mentioned yesterday, I took a break during our trip to rest. While I was on my luxurious hotel room bed (more about that later, too, when I return) in the nude, on Robert’s laptop, I spent some time thinking, surfing the ‘net to find some new photos, organizing them and my mind. In short, I was thinking about you, my readers, through the rose-colored lens of my current frame of mind. I hope you love this post as much as I do!

Please look closely at the above photo; it’s worth your close inspection, in my opinion. This girl is as deeply in love as I am. It’s all over her face, in her eyes. With that loving gaze, she’s proclaiming, “I’m yours, lover! Let me use my mouth on you, to kiss you, to lick and suck and taste and devour you! Take my undies off and have your way with me! Especially focus on my upturned ass, lover! Spank it for me, turn me on my turning me red back there! Possess me by owning all of my ass, the cheekiness, the inner mysteries; fuck me there, fuck me as you would my sex! Fuck me in any way you want, lover; I want to give myself to you that completely!” She’s saying ALL that with those twinkling eyes. And she’s not alone…

Look at the pretty lady at left. This photo is close to identical in composition to the one above. Except she has her underwear around her ankles, and her skin is more sun-kissed and less pink.

Now look at this beauty, please. She’s entirely nude, but other elements are the same (light from the window at right, on their tummies on their beds, nose-rings, smiles, that unambiguous look of love in the eyes). This girl looks like she’s just made love; there’s a dreaminess in her countenance. She has her pillow at the ready in case her lover wants to move on from her vaginal opening to her anal one for round two in their love match.

But it doesn’t have to be posed only in the boudoir on a bed. Here is a cutie on the beach who is saying the same thing with her eyes. (“Take my thong out of my ass-crack, lover… Spank me right here and now, for everyone to see… Fuck me where the sun has never shone before… I want you so bad, lover…!”) This girl has freckles on top of her tanned cheeks (both sets of adorable cheeks, in fact), otherwise this shot is much the same.

I want to round-out this collection of photos with a short video clip. It is a bit different in that you don’t see her upturned ass as clearly. But you know it is there because it’s getting spanked! What IS identical is the devotion in her eyes, just like in all the previous ones. Watch how the spanking tests her, takes her to her limit, until she ALMOST stops requesting more. I LOVE this clip! I LOVE all of these photos because of the love they convey! I love you, my readers, because I get to share my love of spanking with you kindred spirits.

I want to sign-off today with a solemn wish for each and every one of you. If you want to get spanked, I hope you get that today; go seek it out. If you want to spank someone, I hope you get that wish fulfilled; go seek that out. If you want a mind-blowing orgasm, I hope you get it. If you want ten in a row, I hope you get that (and that your heart can handle the strain)! Simply stated, I wish you love! Bye for now!

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