#572) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #14

I didn’t include the above photo in the collection posted yesterday (even though it’s similar). I didn’t because the young woman seems more concerned with taking a selfie (of her cute face and even cuter butt) over expressing a look of love for her partner. It’s a nicely executed selfie, but that isn’t what caught my eye and engaged my mind. With the clues of a tapestry-print hanging on the wall, her youth, and especially her shoe choice, I get an overwhelming sense of college co-ed here.

The photo is so evocative, it made me think about something that pictures can’t convey. It made me think of smells.

Imagine you are in that dorm room with this co-ed. You unlace and take off her Converse chucks. Her feet smell like feet. Then you part her soft buttocks. It smells acrid, not of sh*t, just as though it hasn’t been bathed in several days. You part her pussy; again, it doesn’t stink, it just smells strongly of pussy. I love that pungent earthiness, you do, too. You lower your head to breathe in all her smells. With your face an inch from her cute little rosebud blossom, you whisper, “I’m gonna lick your crack, lick your pussy, lick your butt hole, bathe you with my tongue… But first, I’m gonna give your deserving buttocks a good, long strapping with my belt… I’m gonna make your cool, pale cheeks redder than your shoes, little Missy…”

She doesn’t argue. As a matter of fact, she arches her bum out for it. She’s curious if her first adult spanking will match the fantasies she’s entertained about getting one. Her pussy smells all the stronger with fresh arousal. You lean down and kiss her smirking mouth, taste her morning breath, and pronounce, “First some licks with my belt, then some licks with my tongue… Are you ready, lover?” She nods and arches up all the more lasciviously. You smell something else; she’s made you wet. You smell your own pussy’s scent, your own body as she’s made you sweat. You both want this so bad. And her cute, pert butt isn’t gonna spank itself…

2 responses to “#572) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #14”

    • I started to write this piece as gender-neutral, but then thought I’d add another (you and I) and thought it might be Robert, but as I continued, my mind conjured up an image of you, Sophie, joining with me in this escapade. Love that you loved it!


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