#573) An Update from a Broad Abroad

I came up with the idea of posting one erotic, evocative photo and a short comment about how the attractive backside depicted “Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself” as a way of keeping this blog going while I’m busy traveling. It was going really well until yesterday. I posted a photo that really drew me in. I got wrapped-up in a fantasy of licking an attractive college co-ed, especially her smelly places. By “wrapped-up” I mean I got totally lost masturbating while spinning my story. Robert came into the hotel room to find me not yet dressed, as naked as the day I was born, with my hands in the cookie jar. He was not pleased.
“You knew that we are on a tight time table this morning, and I find you masturbating!” he said in that quiet, simmering tone of voice that I’ve come to realize is a red flag.
“I’m sorry, I got distracted…” I offered meekly.
“Well, if we’re going to be late, we might as well be late for a good reason,” he said as he sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap.
“I said that I was sorry, Robert, and I meant it…!”
“You think that you’re sorry, but you don’t know what sorry is, Jean Marie. But, you will. Your butt will be sorry…”
Robert began spanking me. What is it about guilt that makes a spanking so much worse? Robert has spanked my bottom hard on numerous occasions in the time we’ve been together. But this was a spanking with a purpose, a spanking because I was a bad girl and needed correction. It really hurt so much more because I felt the spanking was justified. I was inconsiderate of his work schedule, the reason I was able to take this trip in the first place. I was lulled into pleasuring myself, oblivious to his clearly stated career needs. He really gave it to me. The spanks were meant to punish and from the first one onward, they fulfilled their purpose. I let go and began to cry.
But simultaneous with this reality was the one that I’d worked myself up to in my dream as I wrote. I’d worked myself to the brink of an orgasm while fantasizing about tonguing an innocent co-ed’s butt hole. Each powerful swat across my butt rocked my aroused pussy against Robert’s thigh. I tried to fight against the powerful impulses, but could not. I began to climax. Robert knows me too well by now for me to mask this from him.
“Are you actually getting-off on this?” he asked incredulously before redoubling his efforts and spanking me all the harder and faster.
“I’m sorry…!” was all I could think to say, but this seemed insincere because another orgasm followed the first. It became like a sneezing fit; I had a series of orgasms while my Top belabored my poor butt. It was like a vicious circle, the more he spanked, the harder I came, and the harder I came, the more he spanked. We went on like that a long time, only stopping when we were both exhausted. He let me up. I stood up awkwardly and had to rub my flaming fanny. That’s when I saw that I’d leaked jism all over his suit pants, and that he had an erection.
“May I suck you off, Robert, to make it up to you for being a naughty girl?”
“No,” he replied, standing up, turning me around and bending me over the hotel’s bed. “I want to fuck you, to show you that you’re forgiven…”
He dropped his soiled trousers to his ankles and thrust into me. I began climaxing all over again almost immediately. It was a quickie, but what the intercourse lacked in lengthy duration it made up for in intensity.
“We don’t have time to shower,” he panted when we were finished, throwing me a thick terrycloth towel and using one on himself to wipe off our juices. Robert put on a pair of chinois khakis and looked handsome with his contrasting suitcoat. I slipped into a pair of leggings, a heavy sweater, and boots, and we were out the door.
I made us late because I was fantasizing about how sexy I found the idea of being smelly. Now we both actually were sexually smelly, and we’d started the day off in the very best way possible, with a spanking and a fuck!

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