#574 It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #15

Please look at the above enchanting redhead. Whether in the bedroom or out in broad daylight, you need only say the word, and she will compliantly bend her bounteous behind over for you to inspect, caress, playfully spank or harshly punish, part and possess. “I’m am yours,” her body language exclaims. “I hunger for your touch, whether it is affirming or admonishing, I am yours. Here, here is my bottom… please, it isn’t going to take on that rosy hue and inviting warmth all by itself. Don’t be cruel and make me have to spank myself…”

2 responses to “#574 It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #15”

  1. Jean Marie, how wonderful to be able to say to another woman ‘Never forget, your bottom belongs to me.’ ! The girl sitting on the decking is not being as compliant so richly deserves a sound spanking!
    Sophie xx

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  2. Liz Truss will get some very big advantages from being PM so I shall continue to discipline her so that she will get some very big disadvantages as well!
    Sophie x

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