#577) Update #2 from a Broad Abroad

I received several emails from readers wondering what the (hypothetical?) outcome was from the note discussed in post #575) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #16. I will answer those questions, but to distance myself from something close to my heart, I’ll write in the third person.

He was surprised that she didn’t awaken with the loud closing of the hotel room door, or from the sounds made as he quietly stripped off his clothes after reading her note. He laid down next to her face-down nude form and just watched her sleep for a full, poignant moment. Then he leaned-in and kissed the side of her mouth. She stirred slightly, but didn’t open her eyes.
“How shall we awaken this Sleeping Beauty?” he said aloud.
She felt him lie on top of her, encircle her bottom with his left arm. His elbow joint was at her right hip, his forearm under the crease of her cheeks, his flat hand holding her at her left hipbone. She loved when he did this; it was like he owned her bottom, was making it fully his. He spanked her with his right hand, not hard but not just pats, either.
“Welcome home,” she mumbled, her joy evident in her voice.
“Hi, there,” he returned.
“It’s nice being awoken by love spanks, please continue…”
“I want to be inside you.”
“Your spanks made me wet, lover, come inside,” and she parted her thighs. He laid on top of her, and she felt his erection enter her pussy. She knew that he hadn’t taken the time to roll on a condom, and even though she was on the pill, she wanted to be cautious. She didn’t want an unforeseen pregnancy to ruin the poetry that was their ever-evolving relationship. They both loved all the sensations of him riding her bareback, but both knew the risks, too. The pill wasn’t infallible and condoms could break, especially with as passionately as they made love. She turned her head toward him and whispered with a voice made husky with desire, “Put it in my butt. It’s safer there, particularly at this time. I’m at my most fertile.”
While still balls deep in her vagina and rollicking slowly in and out, he reached for the tube of lubricant, and fingered a gob of the slick stuff up her anus.
“Oh, that’s so… argh, fucking good!” she moaned. I need to cum…”
“Cum ahead,” he chortled. He felt her tighten down on both appendages and felt her bathe his cock in warmth. He had to concentrate not to join her involuntarily. “You’re a premature ejaculator, do you know that?” he joked.
She smiled, and even though what they were doing felt absolutely sublime, she arched up to encourage him to withdraw from her pussy for safety’s sake. He did, and then they both enjoyed the sensations of him entering her even warmer, even tighter backdoor. He could not resist the impulses spurred on by this pleasure trove. He fucked her harder, more urgently, and they both shared an intense simultaneous climax. As they both shared, they both knew how special they were as Dom and sub, how lucky they were to be on the exact same wave-length so often.
Through her panting-interrupted breaths, she kissed him, smiled, and whispered, “Tell me about your all-day meeting, was it good?”
He smiled back, “Meeting and good are a contradiction in terms. But it’s all better now…”

If she were the Top, she would have capitalized on the specialness of this moment, she would have given voice to something that had been on her mind during this magical trip. She would have asked for her lover’s hand in marriage. But she was not in control, and she deeply believed in their assigned roles. So she merely looked deeply into his eyes and silently stated that she was euphorically happy.

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