#578) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #18

First, dear readers, I’m having a spectacular time and I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip when I return! Thank you for being faithful; my readership stats are down by about a third, so I really appreciate you, the ones who have remained!

As a reward, instead of posting some anonymous model showing off her butt today, I thought I’d give you the gift of a specific spanking aficionado. The black and white photo above is of Rachel Young, a cute blond with big eyes and a butt that can withstand a lot of punishment. I love how the black and white shows the contrast of her spanking-reddened rump.

But I love shots of her spanked bottom in color even more! She colors so beautifully. Say that you caught her masturbating in the early morning. Even worse, in her ardor, Rachel calls out the name of the one she’s fantasizing about as she jills-off, and it’s not your name! You pull the panties that are around her thighs down and get busy on her naughty ass. But one spanking on this adorable ass is not nearly enough…

So later in the day, you take Rachel’s jeans down and give her a good dose of the hairbrush across her still-pink tush, leaving it a glowing, uniform, rosy red. You make her stay like that, on display in the center of the room, for half an hour. She doesn’t choose to sit down when lunch is served. You are getting your point across, but you’re not done with her butt just yet…

So, after dinner, you take Rachel back into the bedroom, bare her burnished bottom and give her a long session with the razor strap. Her blond complexion reddens so wonderfully, you just can’t stop. You give her a very thorough thrashing until those cute cheeks are magenta and her big eyes are overflowing with tears. You smell her arousal; the punishment has aroused dear Rachel. You part her cheeks and and see that her thighs are heavily smeared with cream. So, you’ve come full circle, she’s in bed, she’s horny. Make her call out your name in ecstasy, unlike this morning, make her scream and beg louder than she did then…

(As I always try to do, I want to give photo credit. You can find Rachel Young at firmhandspanking.com.)

10 responses to “#578) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #18”

    • Sophie Sweetheart,
      There is a video where she rolls her eyes when first being spanked! You just want to whip her pale bum until she can’t take any more!
      Jean Marie


  1. Just a small correction young lady, girl with the red cheeks in the second picture is in fact NOT Rachel Young, but a girl who only went as “Snow” on a now-defunct blog known as “Spankaway” or “Snowflake Roasting Service”. You can find more pictures of her marvelous bottom (and rosebud!) by googling with those terms 😉

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    • Thank you for being so nice about this, Toby! I looked at the sites you suggest, don’t see that exact picture, and the photos I do see are of a girl with slightly darker blond hair, so I’m not convinced, but you seem to be sure, so I acquiesce. Thanks for this!
      Jean Marie


      • I am quite sure since that picture originates from said blog, one of the first photos that couple published if i recall correctly! I was quite the big fan of that one while Tumblr still allowed content you and I seem to fancy. If you still wish to see the whole array of pictures theres a tumblr archive sort of page known as tumbex that still holds all the posts, quite a lot of inspiration!

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