#583) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #21

Even though this Covid-19 bug REALLY has me down, I want to finish posting about Michaela McGowen. I think the best way to proceed is by using the football term, to see her backfield in motion.

This is a video clip that the above still was taken from. Do you notice something a little different from yesterday’s post?

Here’s a clip from early in her career.

Notice how her buttocks are sculpted?

And here, later in that career, you might notice that Michaela has let herself gain some weight back there. It is still a VERY NICE bottom, just less round and a bit more rotund.

This is why I keep doing exercises like mule kicks and lunges, even though I hate them. (I must confess to feeling a little hypocritical because I haven’t felt well enough to exercise in several days. I haven’t even had the energy to take a shower!)

But here endeth today’s lesson on keeping one’s butt in prime spankable condition.

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