#584) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #22

It is Sunday. Prepare to worship.

The young schoolgirl pictured above is Dani Daniels early in her career. She worked for firmhandspanking.com. There, she made a great number of videos.

She made films showing her substantial bare bottom being blistered with the slipper…

and the paddle,

and the cane.

Here is a still of that lovely bottom feeling the strap while Dani plays a naval cadet…

and here’s a side view of her dressed (partially) as a cheerleader.

Along the way in her career, seductive Dani did straight pornos…

she did scenes with women, as both a bottom and a Top.

I think some of her best scenes are with this male Top. As much as I love her in the wheelbarrow position, there is a scene where Dani is nude astride a vaulting horse getting her bottom strapped until she orgasms. Even though the scene is shot in the shadows, it is extremely erotic!

Here is one last still of Dani’s delectable derriere.

But still photos can only tell part of the story…

So here is a clip. You’ll notice that Dani has one basic facial reaction, to open her mouth ever-wider. That doesn’t distract me from that ass. Oh, that ass! Dani’s ass is an alter I would love to worship before, on my knees, forevermore. Amen.

4 responses to “#584) It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself #22”

  1. She’s beautiful.

    My fav of her is on and straddling a vault ‘horse’ while getting the belt. Each stroke she grinds her girly parts into the horse leading to orgasm. So hot. And good for her!

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  2. I had a membership at Firm Hand, a while ago and watched some of the between takes footage of her. She could be a bit scary with Tops, if she thought they were being too easy on her. She insisted on severe spankings.


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