#585) Update

I’m trying to be a big girl about everything. Most of the time, I’m successful. I just get overwhelmed at moments.

We were having a fairy tale trip. We were being cautious, wearing N95 facial masks in public. I came down with Covid-19 symptoms last Tuesday. I think I was exposed while out to eat in a nice, upscale restaurant.

Robert had to continue on his business trip. I had to quarantine in a foreign city and be left behind. The symptoms really knocked me out. I’m slowly feeling better. Tomorrow I’ll arrange transportation back home. I was diligent and wrote some pieces, very truthful, non-fictionalized pieces about our experiences on the first part of the trip, which I’ll share with you in the near future. I hope to get my energy back, and my sexual appetites; right now I’m rather listless.

I’m trying to look at the bright side. We are still very much in love. There will be other romantic trips, more memories created. For now, I just need to rest, to get better, to get home, not dwell on what might have been.

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