#586) Happy Halloween!

I hope that the above drawing isn’t too gruesome and horrific. Just kidding! I love its sexy vibe. It has kind of a 1950’s feel, which I want to build upon with this special day’s post.

Besides wearing my man’s dress white shirt (and nothing else), I think a see-thru nightie is the sexiest garb! This black & white photo has such an Old World, 50’s aura.

I don’t know who this artist is (if you do, please tell us in the comments). But these pieces have such a naughty, illicit quality!

This position has such powerful intimacy!

And it’s even sexier when someone else is observing, participating in the punishment!

There is an unemotional, orderly, matter-of-factness about these scenes. All of the characters are very cool as the one girl’s bottom is warmed. I’m pleased to say that they got to me; I’m starting to feel sexual again on my road to recovery!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

4 responses to “#586) Happy Halloween!”

  1. Love these spanking sketches. I’m thinking of the stories behind each. Thanks.

    I’m also thinking I’m a naughty boy peeking through the door, and might get caught and be spanked by all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This comment really spoke to me, Roscoe! So much so that I had to spin a fantasy around it in the next post. I hope you like it; you inspired it (and a very satisfying little wank of my own!).


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