#589) True Tales from My Trip #1

As you probably know, I prefer to fictionalize events from my life if I write about them. But my recently concluded trip surpassed all my wildest expectations, I feel I wouldn’t do it justice to change details. So this shy girl is going to take a huge risk and share things as they happened. It takes a lot of trust on my part to do this, but that trust has been established with you, my faithful readers, over time, so here goes…
Robert kept things secret from me until he could spring them on me. He only told me to pack for colder climes; we were headed northwest. The first surprise, as we were driving to the nearest big city from our hometown, was that we were taking an Amtrak train to many of our destinations for his job. If you haven’t any experience with train travel (like me), you ought to know that they have what they call Private Rooms. These are your own private accommodations with a bathroom, shower, panoramic windows, and pull-out sleeping compartments. They are nice to the point of luxurious, and I’m finicky!
So, we watched the scenery speed by for a while when Robert said to me, “We are going to places where no one knows us. We can be totally anonymous, that should give you a feeling of freedom to be your true submissive self.” He reached out and locked our compartment from the inside.
“Yes, sir,” I responded, not sure where he was going with this topic, just like the trip.
“So I think it’s long past time for your first train spanking, young lady, get your clothing off!” I stripped naked and stood before Robert, while behind him farms and small towns flashed by through the window. People and cars sped by in a millisecond. I couldn’t see them clearly, and they couldn’t see me. It did feel liberating to stand there in the streaming sunshine in the nude! He helped me over his knee, assuming the position that part of me still finds ridiculous and awkward, but the important part of me finds so sexual and stimulating. Robert spanked me briskly and firmly. The outcome was inevitable.
“May I orgasm, sir?”
“You want to cum?”
“Yes, sir, I need to…!”
“Aren’t you the lascivious little spank-whore? No, you may not climax! You’re being punished, naughty girl!”
I tried to hold it back, but within a moment I was asking again, “Please may I cum, sir?”
In answer, Robert spanked me harder and faster, and I was unable to contain myself any longer. I imploded, thrashing about on his knee, trying not to squirt, embarrassed by how much I was moaning as I entered the figurative tunnel, where I completely lost it. I emerged on the other side of the black abyss long minutes later physically spent. Robert roughly turned me around so that I sat on his lap, like a chastened little girl on her Daddy’s knee post-punishment. He took hold of my chin with his thumb and fore-finger, so as to look me sternly in the eye to admonished me.
“You were given the spanking you deserved, but instead of benefiting from it, you had the nerve to have an orgasm, even after I forbade you to do so…” His hand left my chin and traveled down my body, caressing my neck then collarbone, across a breast to tweak a hard nipple, down across my somersaulting tummy and into my wet pussy. His fingers found my erect and still-throbbing clitoris. One brushing caress made me gasp anew. His hand pushed my thighs apart. “I guess that I can’t spank your bottom and get the desired results… so let’s try spanking you elsewhere…” His flat hand swatted my engorged sex, it made me sit up straight. Another pussy spank and I yelped. It was just the right pressure on my wet and hungry sex. I threw my head back so that I couldn’t see the spanks coming. He gave me one swat about every five seconds, the intensity building in my womb.
“I’m gonna cum…!” I gasped, no longer even trying to get permission. He spanked my pussy through the cataclysm. I was left as limp as a used washcloth.
“Well, how do you like train travel, Jean Marie?”
I could only kiss him in response.

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    • Thank you for your well wishes, Christian! He is. He is. He is! It is so difficult being separated right now! I’m concentrating on getting all better, so that when he does come home, we can have a proper reunion.

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