#591) A Butt Dream

I have chosen not to wear any of my butt plugs since I had to return early from my trip. They make this anal-erotic submissive such a whore to every sensual impulse, such a slave to her desires. I will ask my lover, Robert, to make a ritual of inserting the one he chooses for me to wear when he returns to me in a few days.

When I awoke from this dream I am about to recount for you last night at about two A.M., I was not sure I’d actually been dreaming. Everything in the dream was so libido-cherished, everything about it so technicolor-vivid; it seemed more real than reality. I wanted it to be real.

Robert comes home to me, but is clearly displeased. He does not kiss or hug or fuck me. He instructs me to get dressed, we have an appointment. When I am clothed, he blindfolds me, escorts me to his car, drives me to a destination far away. The blindfold is removed, and I see the woman pictured above. She is introduced as the Mistress of the Roissy, a training institution for female submissives. You may recognize that title as from “The Story of O,” as I did. Robert tells me to obey her, that he’ll return for me when I graduate.

“When will that be, my love?”

“That’s up to you,” he answers and leaves.

I notice that it is dinner time, many women sit around the huge table with the stunningly beautiful Mistress at its head. I am stripped naked like them. I am collared like them. I am turned over the edge of the table and spanked hard by the Mistress in front of all of them. The spanking hurts enough to make me cry, and make me wet. My stinging buttocks are parted wide, and a large lubricated butt plug is slowly, sensually inserted within me.

“May I orgasm, Mistress?”

“If you do, you’ll be punished all night long,” I am told by her. She plays with my pussy once the butt plug is anchored up me, playfully spanks me more in between sips from her wine glass. I have to use all my power not to climax. She asks me the question. It is the question that will occupy my entire mental capacity during my stay at Roissy.

“How is your butt plug, darling?” she whispers, her face an inch from my anus, her hot breath on my pinkened cheeks.

“Filling, Mistress,” I answer.

She smiles. She diddles my engorged pussy with her left hand while spanking me more with that hard right hand, briskly now, with a purpose now, trying to make me cum. I bite on my knuckle, squeeze my eyes shut and try to imagine a placid scene of snowflakes descending, causing drifts around these castle walls. The Mistress does not succeed in bringing me to release, even though she tries mightily.

I am told that it is bedtime, go with the other submissives to the dormitory. The crisp sheets feel cool on my skin, especially my heated buttocks and glowing pussy. We are all instructed to “go straight to sleep, that self-pleasure is against the rules” before the candles are extinguished. I try to be good, but as I drifted off, my hands must have slipped beneath the covers, between my thighs…

I am awoken rudely by being seized by many hands. I am pulled from out beneath the covers, bent over the foot of the bed. The butt plug is wrenched from out of me, and all of the other submissives take turns paddled me with a heavy board. They try to outdo one another, seeing who can beat me the hardest. When the exhausting thrashing is finally concluded, an even larger butt plug is produced, lubricated, nudged between my flaming and throbbing cheeks and pushed home. It makes my mouth open involuntarily as I try to relax enough to give it entry. Again I am asked the question. My bottom is on fire, I feel chastened and humiliated, but the only question is, “How is your butt plug?”

Because it burns, having stretched me beyond my capabilities, I answer, “Maddening.” The girls giggle, let me go. I crawl back under the covers and am deliberate about putting both hands under my pillow. I hope that my heavy head will weigh them down, keep them from wandering promiscuously.

It seemed like mere seconds later when dawn’s light was awakening me. I trudged to the breakfast table, sat gingerly on my bruised bottom. The Mistress comes in, we all stand up at attention. She sits next to me, notices my grimace as I sit back down on my poor tushy.

“The girls tell me that you were caught masturbating last night.”

“It was involuntary!” I whimper.

“Nevertheless, you must be punished.”

“I already have been, with a heavy paddle, by every one of my peers…”

“But not by me… And I’m the only one who counts. After breakfast, you’ll be whipped. Take your butt plug out in preparation…”

I stand, bend over the table, reach back and part my buttocks. I pull the big plug from its moorings. The girl to the Mistress’ right produces an even larger plug, the bulb on the wicked thing is massive. She begins lubricating it with ointment, smiling at me as she does so. I eat my porridge in silence with all the other girls, all of our eyes lowered except for the Mistress and her right-hand helper. They smile sweetly at the butt plug being readied. Everyone’s thoughts are on my ass, especially mine. I am not hungry, but know that I’ll need my strength, so force myself to eat.

When the Mistress is finished, she puts her spoon down and the meal is concluded. All spoons are placed on the table. “Ready Jeanie for whipping while I get ready myself,” she says and leaves the table.

Hands are all over me, holding my arms as I’m led to the nearby whipping post, but other hands pinch my bottom, tweak a nipple or delve between my thighs as I’m escorted and restrained.

The Mistress comes back into the chamber. She no longer wears the black gown that revealed some much cleavage. She is naked save for the large strap-on black leather harness around her loins and the massive phallus that sways in front of her. I’m guessing that a whipping will not be the only form of punishment my backside experiences…

She picks up a braided leather lash. I arch my backside out toward her, determined to take my punishment stoically and submissively.

“Count, girls…” she sneers and raises the whip high. The lashes are excruciating across my ravaged buttocks. She flogged me there, then visiting my breasts and thighs and tummy, until I mercifully lost consciousness. I came to and the Mistress and I were the only ones in the room. She was inserting the phallus up my anus. She rump-fucked me just as mercilessly, and the Mistress climaxed and collapsed across my back.I was revived to the sight of her sitting at my feet, smiling languidly, and the feeling of that still-larger plug being forced up my rectum by Tammy, the right-hand aid. I thought my eyes would bulge out of my head before it could be lodged in place. When it was, the Mistress stood up on trembling knees, looking like a newborn thoroughbred foal, and Tammy untied me.

“In case you’re wondering…” Mistress told me as she softly caressed my cheek, “you are doing a wonderful job so far…” The thought had never crossed my mind; I’d only been the focus of punishment. I must have looked puzzled, so the Mistress continued, “whipping your magnificent ass is a joy, and fucking you there is heavenly…”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I demurred. She unbuckled the strap-on harness, and it all fell to her feet with a thunk.

“As a reward, I’m going to let you have an orgasm or two… that is, if you’re ambidextrous…” I guess my face is more transparent than I realized. I was still puzzled, so my Mistress clarified, “I like my holes stimulated. Tammy has more holes to please than she can handle… She’s a very good kisser,” and here the Mistress bestowed a peck on Tammy’s bee-stung lips, “and her fingers are supremely talented…” and Tammy answered this cue by diddling the Mistress’ pussy with both hands. Mistress reached back and wound her fist in my hair, pulling my face down to her butt crack. “If you can pleasure yourself while french kissing my rosebud, you are welcome to do so… just don’t neglect my sensitive little rosebud…” and she forced my face deep into her crack, “or it’ll surely mean another thrashing at lunchtime…”

Mistress threw her head back in ecstasy as Tammy attacked her vagina and I reciprocated in Mistress’ butt hole. Just before planting her mouth on her Mistress’, Tammy asked me, “How’s your butt plug, slave?”

“Generous, very generous of you,” I answered before applying myself wholeheartedly to the task before me.

One response to “#591) A Butt Dream”

  1. What a yummy story you have here! Ever since I first read the Story of O I have dreamed of being her. I think that your take on life at Roissy is more erotic and sensuous. I love the final scene with french kissing her rosebud, one of my favorite things to do!

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