#592) True Tales from My Trip #3

We traveled by rail to the second city on Robert’s itinerary, spanking and making love all the way. We were driven by Lyft to that city’s Ritz-Carlton hotel. It was as lavish, but decorated differently, which I thought was a nice touch. But no sooner were we escorted with our luggage to our room than I questioned if a mistake had been made.
“Robert, there are cut-glass ashtrays all over this suite. It isn’t a non-smoking room…?”
“That’s right, hon, I bought some Oliva cigars and want to smoke them…” he said as he tipped the bellhop.
“Oh… okay…” I don’t like it when Robert smokes cigars. It’s not healthy, and that’s my mildest complaint. But I didn’t argue. I went into the bedroom and changed clothes into a new set of expensive lingerie I’d just purchased. I felt sexy as all fuck when I came out into the living room to show it off to Robert.
He reminded me of a little boy on Christmas morning unwrapping his gifts. He popped my tits out of the top of my satin brassiere, and yanked the panties down until my ass hung out. Remind me not to waste any time, effort, or expense wrapping his Christmas gifts in December, or his birthday presents soon after that!
“Don’t you like the lingerie?”
“I love it, you look gorgeous!”
“But my naughty bits are hanging out!”
“I know,” and he swatted the hand that tried to tuck my nipples back into the B-cups. “Lingerie should just accentuate, not cover-up!” and he reiterated his feelings by spanking my exposed bottom as I tried to pull my pants back up. So instead, I sat on his lap as he puffed away on his cigar.
I took the cigar from his hand and put it to my mouth. I didn’t draw the smoke into my lungs, but did take a long pull on the cheroot. I breathed out a stream of smoke.
Robert looked at me with fresh eyes, like he’d never really seen me before.
“You think you made yourself look sexier by putting on that lingerie. I think you just made yourself ten times sexier by smoking with me.”
I took another long draw, and as I blew it out, I reflected, “Cigars are like butt sex… They can be stinky and distasteful and off-putting if not done right… but they both make me high as a kite!”
“Are you high, Jeanie?” he laughed.
“I have a head-buzz right now, I like it!” I confessed proudly.
Robert continued to look at me as though I was a purebred thoroughbred in the auction ring that he just had to possess. I got an idea. I got off his lap, pushed my panties down to the floor and stepped out of them, and then squatted next to his chair. I put the lit cigar into my splayed pussy. I do frequent Kegel exercises (because I’m afraid of growing old into an incontinent Depends-wearing hag) and know that it feels like I’m sucking in as I do them daily. I did about five hard Kegel clenches, then removed the cigar and relaxed all my muscles. A discernible puff of smoke arose out of my pussy! Robert nearly fell out of his chair.
“Did you know you could do that?”
“No, I just experimented!” I giggled.
Robert got up and leaned down next to me. First, he kissed me passionately on the mouth. Because we had both smoked, it wasn’t as distasteful as if only he had. Then he gently laid me back on the carpet and began performing cunnilingus on my vagina. He really tongued me good. My smoke-addled brain had several thoughts simultaneously. I remembered the first time a boy attempted this act with me. He didn’t know what a clit was or where to find it, so it was just a lot of slobbering on my snatch. I was afraid that my snatch didn’t smell or taste clean, so was distanced further from enjoying it. (Conversely, the first time a different boy tongued my anus it blew my mind! Previously I didn’t really like the guy, but when he proved that he was willing to French kiss my rosebud, I would’ve eloped with him!) I also realized that, because we are spankos, foreplay is usually spanking that leads immediately to love-making. I don’t get my pussy licked too much. And Robert was very good at it. So this time I laid back and loved how intimate and delicious and effective cunnilingus can be!
That doesn’t mean that I forgot all about spanking. After I had a really pleasant orgasm, I don’t know if Robert could tell I was fibbing when I sighed, “Cumming from cunnilingus makes me feel so guilty, honey, as though I’m being selfish… Spank me for being so selfish…” and I rolled over on the living room floor and wiggled my butt in his face. I got my spanking. And we made love right there right afterward.

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