#593) One Last True Tale to Tell

As you now know, I contracted Covid-19 and had to curtail the romantic trip I was taking with my lover, Robert. He is finishing the business aspect of this trip and will return home to me the end of this weekend. I have recovered from my illness, and am slowly regaining my strength and endurance.

Early in the trip, I shared with you, my readers, the fact that all the impromptu spankings Robert had given me had left my bottom chaffed and sore. I told you that I was taking a day off from shopping and sightseeing to rest my tushy with an ice-pack on my abused butt. But I didn’t share the backstory, and because it’s as sexy as all fuck, I want to…

Robert picked up the phone receiver in our Ritz-Carlton hotel room to talk with the front desk, “Yes, can you please send an ice-pack and some extra ice to room 715 as soon as possible?” He listened for a second, and concluded the conversation with a polite, “Thank you.”

“Thank you, darling,” whispered to him, trying to look seductive and innocent simultaneously, thereby only achieving looking cross-eyed and constipated.

“You know,” he said as he patted my sore bum with more lotion from one of those complimentary little bottles, “one of the big benefits of traveling for business as we are is being incognito. Nobody knows us here. I want to take advantage of that anonymity…”

I looked up at him expectantly, not knowing where he was going with this line of reasoning. I gasped as his lubricated hand delved into my butt crack and began exploring territory near my sensitive rosebud. “Yes…” I sighed, wanting him to continue both his thinking and his playing.

“When the hotel-person comes to our door with that ice-pack in a moment, YOU are going to answer the door to get it… You are going to answer the door just as you are, as naked as the day you were born… You are going to explain that the ice-pack is for your bottom… because it is so sore from spanking… and you are going to give them a good look at your bruised bottom… Is that clear, young lady?”

I blushed crimson. I felt my heart racing. I sensed my pussy getting wet. I, Jean Marie, did not want to do as my Top had just instructed. I, an anonymous submissive, craved the embarrassing humiliation, the chance to show-off my freshly marked tush to a stranger. There was a sharp knock on the door and a “Housekeeping!” was heard. Robert sent me on my way to answer it with a love pat on my bum, and the words, “Be a good girl or you won’t feel the relief of that ice-pack until after I’ve given you a spanking you’ll never forget…”

I walked to the door, knowing that my lover’s eyes were glued to my undulating bottom. I looked through the peephole to see a young lady dressed in the signature sport-coat and matching skirt. She was pretty in a girl-next-door-kind of way, sweet, efficient, totally unprepared for what was coming. I opened the door wide and blocked it with my bare foot. I fought against the impulse to cover my titties with one arm and my pudendum with the other hand. I just stood there in all my glory. She looked me up and down with big eyes.

“Thank you SO MUCH for being so quick with this!” I said, taking the ice-pack and accompanying ice bucket. “My lover spanked the snot out of me all night long and my poor butt is killing me!” I turned around. “See…” I watched her eyes get even bigger as they took in my big bottom and its ravaged condition. I pressed the ice-pack to my bum. “OH, that’s better!” I stood back from the door and watched the hydraulic let it slowly close with a soft “whoosh.” I reached out and handed her the twenty dollar bill Robert had given me as a tip. I saw her smile and returned it before we heard the door close with a “thunk.”

“How was that?” I smiled to my lover as I laid back down on the couch. I felt liberated and free and exuberant in my kink, which is a rarity for me!

“Good girl!” he smiled. I let the words I most love wash over me.

“Are you sure? I hoped that I’d failed, so as to earn another spank…” I teased, ever the glutton for punishment. I rolled up on my hip so that my pussy was available.

Robert reached back and pushed the ice-pack away so as to deliver two sharp swats to my cheeks, then sank his ever-hard erection into me from the front, and we were off and soaring…

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