#594) Being Naughty

I’m doing something that I thought/hoped/swore I’d never do again.

I’m standing in front of my computer, buck naked, with my butt cheeks glowing from a really rigorous self-spanking from a wicked bath brush. There’s a Vaselined-thermometer deep up my butt, and I reach back to twirl it in place every now and again.

My pussy is so swollen, soaking, aching with need.

I’m looking at dirty photos on the Internet and masturbating. I’ve lost track of all the orgasms, but I’m way past the legal limit; I’m cum drunk.

I’m doing this because I feel recovered from Covid-19 and am pleased to be alive!

I’m doing this because I had to leave a divine trip with the love of my life, leave so many spankings and fuckings behind, so many memories that couldn’t be created, so I feel wistful!

I’m doing this to be naughty. I spoke on the phone with Robert this morning. I told him that I might be spending my day this way, teasing that he could spank me for it if he wanted, but that would have to wait until Sunday and I was feeling frisky NOW!

I don’t know if I’ll post anything more today. Maybe I’ll get lost in my climaxes and drown in a puddle of jism alone, maybe I’ll post once or twice, or maybe I’ll post scores of times, having found things I find sexy, things I want to share with you…

(I hope that you love the drawing above as much as I do! I’m a mouse-jockey, getting-off on things I find on the ‘net, getting-off from those fingers in my mousey-pussy, getting you off with my words. Bye-bye for now.)

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