#601) A Truth That Brought Me to Tears

So I phoned Robert last night. We’ve spoken on the phone frequently since we had to part, since I had to quarantine with Covid-19 while he went on ahead with the trip to conclude his business. We’ve spoken frequently but never more honestly.

“I love you so fucking much!”

“And I love you, Jean Marie.”

“Say it again!”

“I love you, Jean Marie! Have you been drinking?”

“No. Masturbating. I’m high on endorphins! I’ve been posting nasty things on my blog. Read them when you get the chance…”

“I have been reading them.”

“Are you mad at me for being so dirty?”

“Not mad, but you are going to get a hard spanking when I get back to you…”

“Promise me!”

“I’m going to spank the snot out of you on Sunday, Jean Marie.”

“I can’t wait, lover; I’ve missed you so much!”

“And I miss you! But our trip was so good for us, even though it was cut short. It was so nice to be anonymous with you , with you uncaring about your identity and reputation, when you could just be a carefree submissive…”

“I loved it! Promise me that we’ll do it again, please!”

“I promise, and when we do, I hope we can do the big thing I’d planned for this trip…”

“What’s that?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you, maybe I should keep it a secret until we’re able to pull it off…”

“You can’t tease me and not tell me! What?” (I had to beg and cajole some more, but eventually goaded it out of him.)

“…I’d planned to rent a switch from a high-end dungeon club here for you. I planned to surprise you with a beautiful woman for a night where you could do whatever you liked. If you wanted to finally spank another woman, she’d be able to lay across your lap late into the night for as much spanking as you wanted to dish out. If you wanted to be dominated by a strict mistress, she could switch and spank you until you cried out the safe word…”

(It was like Robert had punched me hard in the tummy. All the wind was knocked out of me, my head was reeling. We had a little more conversation, then I told him I had to go to sleep. I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t. I just kept imagining having a switch at my command, getting spanked by a stern woman for the first time in my life since Mom did the honors, getting to spank a female, watch her get excited from the punishment, finger her to release as I spanked her mercilessly. I dreamed of making-out, of sweet kisses, of painful punishments given and received. It made me yearn, it made me ache. I’d masturbated so much all day, but I had to jill-off once again to this fantasy, a fantasy that was almost a reality. I came as I cried at what could have been…)

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