#603) My Love Letter to the Love-of-My-Life

My Darling Dearest Robert,

I’ve always felt that our communication was superlatively excellent. I don’t expect that to change. I plan to show you that I love you passionately the moment you come home to me and for hours afterward. But I have several “new wrinkles” in mind that I wanted to warn you about. I wanted to proclaim all this publicly. You’ll understand why soon.

First new wrinkle, I’ll have the video camera set-up on its tripod in the bedroom. I want to tape our reunion. (More about that later.) And I plan to have the still camera set-up on its tripod in the bedroom, as well. I want to document events as they transpire.

Next new wrinkle, I’ll purposefully be wearing a t-back thong for underwear instead of being nakey for you when you get home. This is so that any film of me not show rosebud or vagina, so that it is show-able on WordPress or elsewhere. (More on this later, too!)

I misbehaved yesterday, wanting to earn a memorable, record-breaking disciplinary session at your hands. My words were asking for a severe thrashing by what I published. I am sincerely begging for the hardest thrashing you’ve ever administered to me here and now in front of God and my readership. I want to wear your marks on my bottom, I want to be bruised by you as a badge of our relationship. I want to be reminded of the beating you gave me every time I move a muscle, every time I contemplate sitting. Today I posted a video clip in a story, “Obedience.” I know that you’ve been reading my blog on your trip, but I want to re-post that clip here and now.

Please maximize the frame and turn the volume up to watch this clip. I want a thrashing that rivals this one! I want it commemorated on film, both moving and still.

I want to put that live-action documentation in your hands, just as I put the fate of my bottom in your hands as my lover and Dominant. I want you to own those records, just as you own my heart, for the duration of our love relationship (which I hope is from now until forever). You have always looked-out for my well-being (sometimes better than I have). I want to place you in charge of my image and reputation, Robert. I leave it up to you whether you want to publish the video or still-photos of my bottom getting its just desserts. You have control to publish these right away, in the future, when I retire from public life… I want my readers to have to come to you, instead of me, when they ask to see me with butt bared, me bent and taking a beating, my resultant marks. I want to make the proud and definitive statement that you own me, Robert. You own my heart, I give it to you, gladly and completely. You own my bottom, I entrust its condition solely to you, to kiss or massage or pamper with lotion or playfully spank or destroy with hard discipline or fuck. I give you my sexuality, you are the only one I want to share it with!

I SO look forward to seeing you, sharing with you, joining with you tomorrow! Please don’t be JUST loving with me. I was a bad girl on purpose; be hard on me, just as I deserve, just as I need, just as I crave! Until then, my love,

More than Warmly, Passionately Yours,

Jean Marie

6 responses to “#603) My Love Letter to the Love-of-My-Life”

  1. I was proud of this post. That is, until I got a phone call from my lover. I fucked-up. I top from the bottom. It’s a bad habit. I’ve been assured that my butt will get the discipling of all my born days tomorrow.
    In case you were thinking this, too, rest assured I’m gonna get my butt whupped. Now I’m scared that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.
    Jean Marie


    • Thank you, Prefecdt, for not being all, “nah-nah, you got what was coming to you!” You made me feel less lonesome, so thank you!
      I’m one sorry little girl right now and it’s not near over.


  2. I liked and didn’t like the video.

    I liked because it was a cute over-the-sofa spanking. And over-the-sofa is sexy!

    I didn’t like it because I thought it too hard; not my thing and I don’t like seeing her cheeks turn WHITE!!!

    I viewed it twice and counted the 2nd time. In 1:59 she got 101 firm swats. Delete the 3 times he paused, and it was 101 swats in 91-seconds, a tiny bit more than 1-per-second. that’s a hard spanking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I, too, am of two minds about the clip, A.J.
      I don’t like videos that show buttocks beaten bloody. I hate the Lupus production company for this reason; girls are caned until their cute bums are destroyed!
      This clip shows a very hard paddling with a heavy leather tool. It moved me to empathetic tears to see her butt cheeks trembling with every one of the girl’s sobs by the end. At the same time, it turned me on like nothing I’ve seen in recent memory. I confess that I have climaxed while watching that clip innumerable times, I mean more than thirty some odd times!
      And it appealed to me because I was missing my man and in need of attention and acting naughty, trying to earn something similar from my cautious and caring Top. In that regard, the clip was a roaring success…
      Thanks for your cogent comment!


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