#606) Even Groucho Took It Out Once in a While

“Let go, let me get dressed!” she giggled.
Julie was trying to pull the matching panties to the bra and undies set that Jake had just gifted her with up, but he held the butt portion down with both hands.
“I don’t want to…” he whispered in ear. He let the knuckles that grazed her soft cheeks caress her curves as he continued to “pants” Julie.
“We’ll be late for our dinner reservation!” she protested while still smiling. “I’m hungry!”
“We can be late. You’ll be the most beautiful woman in the place! They’ll seat us whenever we arrive…”
She loved that he honestly thought that she’d be the most beautiful female in Le Restaurant. She loved that he was so amorous. But she really was hungry! And she hated to cause a problem for the trendy eatery.
She stated her mind more emphatically, “Will you please let me get dressed?”
“I need you…” he growled.
“You can’t! We just made love!” She reached back, and sure enough, she found his manhood growing tumescently turgid. Just her innocent, exploratory stroking of it through his pants made it stiff. She gave up, released her hold on her underwear bottoms, and Jake pulled them down immediately to her knees. His hands were all over her ass now.
“Your butt is still pink and warm…” he mumbled. Blindly, she fumbled with his fly until the huge thing sprung out of it.
“You spanked me hard!” she mock-protested, but both knew that he hadn’t. “If… I let you… fuck me… back there… will you then be satisfied… and let us go to dinner…?”
“I love it when you give up your butt hole!” He was already massaging some lubricant up her crack, into her depths. Julie reached behind her behind and slathered some of the slick stuff on his erection. As she guided him to the one-point landing that made them both inhale in unison, Julie thought to herself.
They really had JUST made love thirty minutes ago, right after his playful spanking of her fanny had aroused them both. It had been a really satisfying fuck, eighteen minutes of raunchy hard fucking, not some quickie! And they’d just shared anal sex LAST night, in their before-bed-fuck. He entered her anus, and she couldn’t think of anything but butt for exquisite minutes as his cockhead immediately transformed a utilitarian exit into the ultimate sexual entrance. He did this so fucking well! Fuck, that is. But it wasn’t normal to want sex so much! She felt flattered, but wondered if he’d made love with previous girlfriends just as voraciously. Her mind returned to ass as he set the rhythm and they fucked like rabbits, enjoying it with an animalistic fervor. She did like the fact that it was safe for him to ejaculate in her ass; she worried during vaginal intercourse that he fucked so energetically, the condom could break without either of them knowing. One hand pinched her nipples while the other found her clitoris and was rubbing it just like she liked it. He really was a considerate, experienced lover! She congratulated herself for the hundredth time on snaring Jake as hers. All thought was again erased from her mind as she felt an orgasm coming on.
“I’m gonna… cum!” she whimper-whispered. She interlaced her fingers in his. “Join me…?”
He fucked her butt hole harder and faster, they both felt her rectal temperature rise. Her climax made all her muscles tense, especially those up her ass. She gripped him hard, then felt his hot spray pump her butt as full of cream as a Bundt cake.
They lay together on the floor, where they’d crumpled post-coitus, joined at the sex, for long minutes. Jake’s seemingly-indefatigable cock shrunk and popped out of Julie’s rosebud with an audible “PTTP!” Julie immediately set about trying to clean-up from the dirtiest of deeds. She grabbed a nearby towel and wiped her crotch and butt crack as openly as if she was a football player in the locker room after a rough game. As much as she loved the glow from these orifices, from much previous experience she knew that trouble lay ahead. Her butt hole was going to gape for the next half hour or more, so all the spunk Jake had shot up there was just going to come leaking out. And as messy as this was, strangely, it turned Julie on, so her pussy would be leaking arousal just as copiously. She improvised and inserted a tampon into each orifice, effective corking both, then pulled up the underpants that started this whole escapade.
They hurried to get dressed, so didn’t talk, but in the car, on the way to their reservation, Julie thought it was safe to broach the topic on her mind.
“Let me tell you a story my grandmother once told me,” she began. She reached over and took Jake’s hand to hold, then continued. “Groucho Marx once had a quiz show in the early days of television. Once, when he was introduced to a male contestant who had ten children, Groucho famously said, “I like my cigar, too, but I take it out once in a while!” Do you know what I’m getting at, Jake?”
Jake shook his head, looking puzzled. So, Julie gripped his hand tighter and spat it out.
“Sometimes I think we fuck too much! We do it ALL the time, Jake! It only seems to be accelerating! I used to have my holes glowing contentedly, but now both of them are sore as I sit here! It constantly makes us late to stuff!” Jake looked wounded, so Julie changed tacks, “I love you dearly! I love the way we do it! You keep me very satisfied! But we need a code for when it’s just not convenient!”
“What’d you mean?”
She spelled it out for her man, “I mean, when we’re pressed for time, like we were getting ready for this, I should have the right to say some special code. And when you hear that special code, you respect that we don’t HAVE to fuck right then and there, that we can postpone our pleasure for a bit! Okay?”
Jake didn’t seem to be taking this well. Clearly, he liked things the way they were, and if it wasn’t broken, why fuck around trying to fix it?
Julie pressed on. “When I talk to my girlfriends about you, and the way we do it, they’re all envious!” As soon as she shared this, she regretted it, so added quickly, “If you ever fuck any of my girlfriends, I’ll cut your dick off! Is that clear?”
Jake snorted with a shit-eating smile. “Then keep me satisfied and fuck with me whenever I want it…”
She was adamant. “It won’t give you blue-balls to fuck only eighteen times a day instead of twenty!” That wasn’t much of an exaggeration, but it made them both grin. “I promise, I won’t use this new code unless it’s necessary…” Knowing that he was as tractable as a puppy, she added, “As a reward, would you like to fuck on our way home from dinner?”
His grin grew wider. “In the car or out in nature?”
“Which ever you prefer… or both…” she returned. Julie thought that she might actually be able to eat a meal without having to slap her lover’s rude hands away.

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