#607) Update

I won’t say too much about this or my circumspect Top may get mad. But I publicly misbehaved here, wanting to see just how pissed-off I could make my usually cautious, considerate, moderate, sane, caring lover/Top. I wanted his attention, having been separated for too long, having gone too long without spanks on my tush and his manhood inside me. So I will publicly state that I got my comeuppance. I won’t be sitting for a while, or sitting comfortably for a long while. The worst thing about that is I have to return to work today. The best thing about that is that sex is the only thing that takes my mind off my poor butt. There is an inner peace that comes over this submissive when she has had ALL her needs attended to that is beyond anything else on this earth!

5 responses to “#607) Update”

    • THIS, ladies & gentlemen, is a perfect example of a naughty minx who needs to have her deserving bottom thrashed very hard, harder than I just got it, and often! I only wish I could be there to see you get it, or better yet, to have a hand in giving it to you!
      Now that that is out of my system, you are probably right, sad to say. You cut through the BS and get right to the truth, dear Nora!
      Hope you’re feeling better!
      And I DO wish I could spank you!
      Jean Marie

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