#609) The Culpo Sisters

I just heard that Olivia Culpo and her two sisters have a new show on cable. That’s Olivia pictured above. I confess that I’m a little smitten with her.

Okay, more than “a little.” She has a cute, symmetrical face and big brown eyes.

And she has big boobies (the kind that modeling agents wanted me to buy).

And a nipped, slender waist.

And a tight, athletic tushy (the kind modeling agents wanted me to have, which was impossible).

I’ve previously published seven photos of Olivia in various stages of undress.

I’m hoping that if I publish all the photos I’ve gleaned from the Internet, it’ll help me get her out of my system.

I don’t think it’s working. When I close my eyes, I still see Olivia floating there, butt naked and sitting on a dresser top, her humid butt print on the polished wood…

I bet that she smells like Springtime, whether fresh out of the shower, or after she’s worked up a sweat!

I don’t subscribe to cable, which is a good thing. Otherwise, I might become obsessed with her.

She’s the baby of the family. Her two older sisters are just as attractive. Or so I’m told…

Baby, that seems almost impossible! If someone out there does have cable, and does watch their show when it debuts, please tell me what it’s like. Not that I really care. Much…

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