#610) Friends Can Earn Benefits But….

They’d known each other for a few months. There was an attraction, but it seemed that in college these days, whole groups of people just hung out together. Dating one-on-one seemed dated.
But they’d all been out drinking on a Saturday night, and everybody had gravitated back to Mary’s house, ordered pizza, eaten, then people seemed to drift away home until only Marty was left sleeping over.
Mary heard Marty get up to go to the bathroom at dawn. He seemed to take a piss for five minutes straight! She saw her chance and acted on impulse.
Marty came out of the bathroom to see Mary on her cot with her luscious, lush ass high in the air. But those fuzzy flannel pajama bottoms that he was positive she’d been wearing were nowhere to be seen.
Mary pretended to still be fast asleep. The ball was in Marty’s court. How would he react? He might ignore her and lay back down on the floor to catch some more Z’s. He might reach out and finger her pussy. If he did, Mary would act as if she was just waking-up, groggily reciprocate making-out with Marty, but any prospective long-term relationship would be doomed. She wasn’t interested in anything vanilla. He might reach out and finger both her pussy and her rosebud, or better yet, concentrate on just her anus. If he did, she’d hold out a little hope that might be kinky enough to please her. She’d make-out with more energy to encourage him, and see if Marty got progressively more interested in exploring her backdoor. The key would be if Marty reached out to spank Mary’s big and now bare butt. Her bottom was a veritable hand magnet. Strangers in the street had been known to reach out to caress or pinch it. If he spanked her, Mary would attack Marty as her long-lost soulmate, they had to be predestined, he MUST be yin to her yang, a fellow spanko, but a Dom to her sub, what she’d been needing for far too long.
Her full moon in the early morning light was hypnotic. Like the lunatic he was at heart, Marty patted it, more to watch it jiggle than anything else. Mary rolled over and pulled Marty to her, wrapped her long legs around his middle, and replaced his hands on her ass cheeks.
“How did you know that I love to be spanked?” she whispered in his ear.
“I… uh… I just sensed that you… would like… that,” he stammered.
“Not ‘like,’ I love it!” she returned. Mary kissed Marty passionately, grinding her groin into his. Before he knew what was happening, she’d reached over to her bedside table, extracted a foil-wrapped condom from the top drawer, ripped it open with her teeth, had extracted Marty’s tumescence from his trousers and was rolling it on. “Give me more…” she sighed as she jacked his tool roughly.
Marty was a twenty-year old, red-blooded American. His male body responded. It was a nice ass. He spanked it and it undulated under his hands. Its cool fleshiness warmed to the touch. If he could have seen it, he would have noted the lovely pink her tush turned under the soft spanks. But they were face to face, and Mary was very wet and pushing his erection into a most receptive receptacle. Suddenly they were rocking and rolling, Mary was breathing hotly in his ear and urging him to “fuck away.” Away they went. The more he swatted her rump, the crazier she became. Needless to say, it was some very hot coitus, hotter than Marty had ever had. She begged him to finger her butt hole, and as soon as he did, she shifted into an even higher gear and gripped both his cock and his finger so tight, he feared that she’d break both. She came and literally milked all the sperm out of Marty.
Then, just as suddenly as it all began, Mary snuggled into Marty and fell fast asleep. He joined her in slumber, still joined at the sex with his condom-covered cock deep in her warm snatch. They awoke hours later. Mary kissed Marty passionately, then asked a question.
“Can you stay for breakfast or do you need to run off to go to church?”
“The only worshiping I need to do is of your body!” he answered.
Mary pulled him out of her, pulled off the full condom, knotted it and threw it across the room into the trash can, and started to suck him into a new erection. She stopped midway to full stiffness to look up at him. “Let’s do it in the shower!” And she grabbed his penis-handle and a fresh condom and led him down the hall to the bathroom. Marty went willingly, only hoping that Mary’s two roommates didn’t see. Once in the loo, she turned on the hot water full blast and waggled her rump in his face. “Spank my wet cheeks… spankings sting so much more on a wet fanny!” He did and they were both turned on as heavily as the tub’s faucet in no time. He entered her from behind, standing under the cascade, and thanked God for how good his life was at that moment. She interrupted this prayer, “You’re not spanking me! I mean it, spank me really hard; nothing turns me on like a butt whupping!” He complied, and this fuck soon supplanted their previous one as the best sex Marty had ever dreamed of enjoying. She interrupted the jack-hammering once again to ask a question. “Do you like anal?”
“I… err… yeah, I…”
“I mean you giving me anal. Not me doing you with a strap-on, silly!”
Marty recovered enough to nod vigorously and answer in the affirmative just as energetically.
“Good ‘cause I like it, too! I’m not saying right now. Water isn’t enough of a lube, believe me, I know! But maybe later we can…”
“I’d like that…” Marty understated.
“I’d like it, too. I’m told I’m pretty good at it…”
He had no doubt. Just the mental image of it brought his orgasm on, and his fervent thrusting brought Mary off.
Back in her bedroom, while they were getting dressed, Mary stopped stock-still while pulling on a pair of white jeans to fix Marty with a stare and ask a very direct question.
“You like this, don’t you? I mean, you really are a spanko, just like me, aren’t you? You like the way we fuck?”
Mary was the hottest girl Marty had ever been with. He was an ass-man, and she had an incredible ass! She loved to fuck, and they did it all the fucking time. So what if she was kinky as a cheap garden hose? He nodded, took her in his arms and kissed her affirmingly. His hands naturally gravitated to her butt. He patted and caressed it through her flimsy underwear. She pulled away from the kiss, smiling. He saw her hard nipples poking through two layers of clothes, saw her swollen labia get her fresh panties wet at the gusset. Just from little love-pats on her tush.
“Do you want to try anal now?” She turned around and pulled those translucent panties down. “You know how to turn us both on…”

My question to you is, can a spanko be made or is it hardwired into a person’s make up? I really want to know your opinion on this, dear reader! Can Marty be conditioned to transition from a butt-man to an inveterate butt spanker? Is their relationship doomed because he does not truly share her deep-seated (sorry, couldn’t avoid the pun!) kink. Please tell me you thoughts in the Comments section!

3 responses to “#610) Friends Can Earn Benefits But….”

  1. I have no clue honestly if a spanko is born or made. I don’t even know if I was born or made. On the one hand, I’ve always been into it as long as I’ve had sexual thoughts. On the other hand, there’s no way to know if something happened when I was too young to remember to cause these desires. It’s just not something I’ll ever know. However, if some family member gave me this fetish, there’s a bunch of saddle-sore girls that’d like an apology! 😅

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    • Thank you so much for responding, Guason! I am fascinated what makes me have this strong fetish, but I guess, like Popeye, I just have to end up saying, “I am what I am!”


      • In the long-ago past, I was smitten by a very handsome man who was not a spanko. During our ensuing relationship, I ended up feeling “indulged” in my spanking interest. I had to ask him to spank me, it was never spontaneous. Spanking me did not turn him on like it did me. I will never again become involved with anyone who isn’t an affirmed spanko, as God is my witness.


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