#612) A Question and a Rant

I have a question for all the submissives out there. Have you ever had your bottom punished hard when it’s already very sore and bruised?

That’s been my lot in life ever since my beloved returned to me on Sunday. He decided to punish my wrongs in installments. I’ve been spanked,

I’ve been strapped.

I’ve been marched out into the backyard in the nude and made to cut and prepare a switch for a beating on my bum while I gripped the tree trunk and hollered. (I know lots of neighbors went to their upstairs rooms to see what all the commotion was about and watched my chastisement over the privacy fence!)

I’ve been paddled with a Keds tennis shoe sole and other slippers.

My poor butt is worn-out! But my lover doesn’t think I’ve been punished enough. He informed me that when I’m at home, I am to be entirely nude except for a pair of high heels, so that I’m always ready for whipping.

(I’m not complaining about this last thing. Robert knows how to make me feel so sexy while he’s punishing me!)

Our safe word doesn’t work in this situation. Whenever he wishes, he calls me to him, sometimes for a massage (how can something be so exquisite and so agonizing simultaneously?) and sometimes for another installment of punishment. My butt can’t take any more!

While I’m ranting, I have one more thing to say. Us big bottomed girls get spanked more! Look at the skinny-ass bitch at left. (I’m sorry, I don’t know her, but that supercilious expression on her face deserves the belt just for its vacuousness!)

Compare that photo with this one featuring a woman with a bottom much like mine. Five swats to the above girl’s tush and it is covered with sting. Robert can whale away for half an hour on my butt in order to cover its expanse similarly. It’s not fair!

Knowing his current frame of mind, I’ll probably get punished for this rant, but I had to say it. I’m sorry! My worn-out, sorry and sore butt is ravaged! I don’t know when I’ll be able to sit again! Show this contrite sub some mercy!

12 responses to “#612) A Question and a Rant”

  1. As long as it’s all safe, sane, and consensual. As a dom switch, I get where you’re coming from and don’t want to belittle an actual concern but I can’t help but feel that it can’t too great a concern if you made it into a blog post with a bratty tone 😉

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    • I’m fascinated that my post is interpreted this way! I can’t sit, it hurts to move, my Top just keeps calling for me to assume the position and take some more discipline, and because I have the gall to remark upon it, it “can’t be too great a concern.” If I was a more typical sub, and felt chastened by all the chastisement, just disappeared from posting for days while I licked my wounds, would that be better, get a small ration of sympathy? It’s also difficult to interpret “tone” in writing, Guason! Am I bratty for yelping, “Ouchie!” when the belt is again applied to a tender, black & blue tush? Thank you for your “two cents worth,” but I wish I had more outspoken subs as readers to balance the feedback…


      • You’re bratty just by existing, Jean Marie. 😉

        In all seriousness though, on the off chance that I’ve misinterpreted all of this, please understand that I fully support you renegotiating boundaries with your Top if you feel that these latest discipline sessions cross a line. As much as I like hearing about you suffer I would most definitely prefer if that suffering was consensual. If you’re having seconds thoughts then definitely do speak out.

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      • I spanked a skinny friend a couple years ago in New Years Eve. It was her first time and I have known her for years so else had trust. I spanked her small ass hard with hand and preceded to paddle her bottom. She started to fill sick due to to much wine and we has to stop our activities. I brought her home with a sore bruised bottom as she had requested.

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      • That sounds like the almost-perfect way to see in the New Year! I say “almost-perfect” because (not to preach, but) I’ve been sober for two years, since Covid-19 first hit. I just feel better this way.
        Imagine if she hadn’t felt sick, if, in her driveway, she turned to you and coyly stated, “The fire you lit in my backside has spread… Please come inside and reignite my ass and put the fire out in my sex…”


      • I don’t drink myself. She definitely was into sex until she got sick. She once sit on my face and I went to finger her bottom and she said “No Butt Stuff!” She would not have been a good match for me long term.

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      • My mouth is hanging open in offense and amazement and anger at this story! How dare she? What a line, “No butt stuff!” That cuts me to the quick! I’d like to show her some “butt stuff” by holding her down and blistering her butt until I’d beaten a tattoo into her cheeks! What a Bitch, Daren; you are well rid of such a misguided fool! (Maybe she’ll happen upon this blog and our conversation, and see the error of her ways, call you up out of the blue, beg for forgiveness, ask for instruction in the religion of Butt Stuff…)


      • She has a very conservative view on most issues. I was surprised she was down for a punishment spanking and sex until she became ill. If she ever goes over my knee again she will answer for the no butt stuff with a very sore bottom. The last time she left a wet spot on my right knee. She got spanked harder for her excessive pussy juice!

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  2. The question just does not arise for me, these days, as there is inevitably a long wait between spankings. Back in the old times (80s through to 90s) there were times when I got spanked repeatedly over short periods of time. I used to get a strange feeling, in my rear end, then. Like it still hurt on the surface, but it was like my bottom had become hollow on the inside and I no longer felt the deep impact pain. Do you get the same thing?


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