#613) Reader Feedback, Etc.

I’ve received a great deal of reader feedback, both in comments to some posts and in emails. I solicited feedback on my post #610) “Friends Can Earn Benefits But…” and haven’t heard anything back on the questions posed there. But I have heard a great deal about my #608) ” Tiny Titties” and #612) “Question and Rant” posts.

On the one hand, a lot of men seem to be turned-on by small tits! With that in mind, I share several more photos of eye-catching boobies. The ones pictured above are unique on their conical prominence and make my mouth (and another orifice) salivate. (I feel completely committed in my heterosexual relationship, but still have a bi-sexual curiosity that occupies my mind, both waking and sleeping.)

And the pendulous firmness of the boobies at left remind me of ripe, low-hanging fruit, seem just as juicy, and make me hunger profoundly.

On the other hand, I had the audacity to voice my objection to having my bottom disciplined very hard over and over. It is currently on fire; I just received yet another bare bottomed spanking when I returned home from work. This un-submissive-like behavior received a great deal of response. My lover has been very generous, both with the attitude adjustments, and with cherished gifts. He went out and bought me some nipple clamps, which I’ve worn frequently. They help take my mind off of my flaming fanny. Today he gifted me with some stunning and functional jewelry.

What Robert gave me is similar to what’s pictured at left. Mine doesn’t have the center dangles, and is heavier in weight, putting more pressure on my sensitized nipples. I don’t wear much jewelry, but I love this, and am sincerely grateful!

I also want to state that I am truly grateful for Robert’s presence in my life. I don’t need presents. I do love your love. I’ll try to be your good girl, and try to accept my prescribed doses of medicine, knowing that it’s for my own good, better in the future.

4 responses to “#613) Reader Feedback, Etc.”

  1. Wow! That tiny (actually not really tiny) titty at the top is amazing, nearly defies gravity!
    I received a belt whipping punishment last night for being unthoughtful and unhelpful to my wife. My bottom was stinging at the moment, but my submissive soul was singing!

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