#617) Nicknames

I’ve been thinking about nicknames recently. There is a new movie out entitled “Weird.” It is a loosely-based biopic of Weird Al Yankovic. I love this nickname!

There was a character from the ancient “our Gang” comedies nicknamed Spanky McFarland. I love this nickname even more!

People cannot give themselves their own nicknames, that’s an unwritten rule. In the best of all possible worlds, there would be no stigma about our sexual proclivities, and I would be proudly “out” as a spanko. I’d proudly publish still photos and video clips of my beautiful bottom getting lovingly playful spankings AND receiving harsh punishments here for all those interested to see. My readers would bestow on me the nickname of Spankee Jean Marie.

8 responses to “#617) Nicknames”

  1. It has been a while since I have posted to you sweet young naughty girl…Life has happened with me and I have at best had to be a voyeur to your wonderful blog. Your post today struck a chord with me and instantly this classic Monkees song popped into my head…Okay fellow readers, sing it loud and proud to our one and only “spankee Jean” when the chorus comes in for “cheer up sleepy jean” substitute the all too appropriate “Spanky Jean”…Perhaps Robert can give you a good spanking to it sometime? It does have a good “BEAT” to it 😈🔥✋🏻…So yes by all means…Cheer up spankee Jean oh what can it mean to a day dream believer and the spank-cumming Queen” 😉…And a one and a two aaannnddd…

    For your part you need to be panties down / off for this song 🙌🏻

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  2. Freshman year at college. First month at two in an all-men’s dormitory and a guy decided we all needed nickname and started handing them out.

    Not one stuck.

    Except the one he gave himself!


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