#618) Photo Cleanse

I pay attention to the data statistics that this blog generates. I write to please myself, but I only feel it is responsible as a blogger to pay attention to ones’ audience. I’ve noticed that the posts with lots of photos get the most attention. It pleased me, for instance, that my readership stayed faithful during the duration of my recent trip as I posted the “It Ain’t Gonna Spank Itself” series of delicious derrieres.

So I surf the ‘net in search of photos that titillate. IF I feel a pussy twinge, I stop and inspect; if I’m moved to pull any clothing out of the way to rub one out (whether secretly at work or openly at home), I know I’ve found a winning photo.

But when I put together my posts, I sometimes don’t use all the photos I’ve accumulated. I almost called this post a photo “dump.” I didn’t like that connotation, however. I want to SHARE these leftovers with you. I will comment on them; see if you agree or disagree with me. My hope is that you are moved to stop, look closely, reach down to move any clothing out of the way, have to touch yourself…

That’s Olivia Culpo up top in pigtails. I confess that I would love to see her spanked by a boyfriend, spank her myself, especially slapping her lovely big tits until she has to blink back tears!

This is more of Dani Danielson.

She’s showing off her best feature, and I don’t mean her smile.

Dani has such a solid ass, and can take a lot of punishment!

Here’s one shot of Julia Fox, the model briefly involved with Ye, the one who was also a dominatrix…

And here is a photo of Kim K., she with the monumental ass. This picture makes it look boulder-like. If that’s the case, I’d love to be Sisyphus and have to push it around all day!

A picture of femme fatale Raquel Welch.

And her modern day counterpart, Sofia Vegara.

She says that she doesn’t like to work-out much and does eat a lot of cake, her favorite food. I like this regimen!

And here is a short clip of her dancing around in skimpy clothing. You’re welcome!

This is a shot of the little known (to me) Yanet Garcia.

She seems to think that she has a “good side.” All of the photos I found of her are taken from the same angle.

You know, I think I agree with her.

This is another model that I was not previously familiar with, Rosie Roff.

I was pleased to make her acquaintance.

Very pleased!

Have you had to reach down south of the border yet?

This is porn actress Abuella Danger.

Here she is facing north while sticking her south side out.

It’s a very nice bottom, and she is deep into having it spanked and often indulges in on-camera anal sex.

This is Jessica Biel in a see-through blouse.

And this is an even better view of Jessica, in my humble opinion. Her husband, Justin Timberlake, confessed to being unfaithful to Jessica, which is just one more reason why I never cared for Justin, his singing or acting.

Finally, I came across this photo of an attractive African-American model. She has a cute tush! I’ve explored my inner feelings and I do not believe I’m prejudiced. I honestly don’t find spanking Black bottoms as erotic as those of Caucasian models, which I think has to do with how white flesh turns visibly pink…

Please feel free to comment on this or any of the above photos. Enjoy!

19 responses to “#618) Photo Cleanse”

      • In Greek, “enthusiamos” means “the God is within”. It originally was meant quite literally as it was used to describe the state of being possessed by Dionysos (the God of Wine, Theatre, Ecstasy, and Madness among other things). Have you ever seen at a Baptist church people singing and dancing wildly so they can “feel the Holy Spirit” and how some people just feel ecstatic while others go absolutely wild and start speaking in tongues and purportedly performing miracles? That’s basically what happened during the worship of Dionysos. It’s one of the reasons He is also called “the Most Present God” or even “the God Who Comes”. Because you can literally feel Dionysos showing up and taking control of you.

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  1. Two things that really resonates with me although those ladies were all very pleasant to look at.
    1) a woman starring in a western quite awhile back was shown in a #12 (?) tub in which she was bathing. The shot that I will always remember was taken behind her as she stood up some tight fitting pants. She had a remarkable bottom that I can’t forget. That woman was Raquel Welch. Thank you for including her in your collage. 🙂
    2) For the past several years I have had a strong desire to put a nude black woman across my lap and spank her soundly, not so much for the interesting colorizing effects but for the singular feeling of admiring that bottom and to watch it bounce and wiggle under my hand and paddle.

    Thanx sooooo.much for this post! It really made my day.
    Ohh the film with Raquel was called Hannie Caulder. I thought the story was a good one as well.
    Thanx again!

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  2. I haven’t watched beauty pageants in decades. But one time I did. Friends asked me who was my pick so I did it my way vs. the rest of mankind (and a lot of women!)

    Quickly narrow it down!

    I prefer ‘not big’ on top so the B-coppers go to the head of the list and that eliminates 90%.
    Great legs! Yes; I’m one of those – a “leg man.”
    Narrows it further.
    A cute tush! Spankable if you prefer.
    Cute face. They’re all cute! So I picked the one I thought would be the most fun to be with.

    My pick won!! Olivia Culpo!

    After she won and I noticed where she was from I emailed a lifelong friend from her state with the subject: “Local girl does great!”

    He emails me back. He knows her! And her entire family. Said they were all wonderful people.

    Not going to say anything further, other than – I’m 2-degrees of separation from Miss USA!

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      • “..a beauty contest winner?” She was:
        – May 2012, Miss Rhode Island
        – June 2012, Miss USA
        – Dec. 2012, Miss Universe.

        That’s a heckofa trifecta!

        Watched the Chargers v. 49ers game last night. Saw 49ers running back and all around good guy, Christian McCaffrey, playing. Olivia dated a few losers after her pageant wins, but I think that is now over as she is now seeing him. Good for her! And him!

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  3. Just my interest in sports. And Olivia, because of my friend knowing her entire family.

    My last on this.

    Being from Rhode Island Olivia was a big New England Patriots fan, and one day was at an event in Boston and met many members of the team. One of them, Danny Amendola. And they hit if off. In 2018 he was traded to the Miami Dolphins. Culpa spent a lot of time in Miami with him.

    One day she had to be in LA for something, left him, and flew to LAX.
    Before the plane landed she got a text/photo from a friend of hers back in Miami showing Danny really hitting on some girl at the beach, later going off with her. In only a few hours Danny was cheating on her. Worse, more pics of him and that other woman started to appear everywhere. Everywhere!

    She dumped the idiot. But it still had to hurt.

    She didn’t deserve that, so I’m glad she’s with ‘all around good guy, Christian McCaffrey’.

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