#619) Preferences: Thick or Thin?

First, don’t you LOVE the de Sade quote above? Hopefully that will set the unifying tone I’d like to strike in this post among fellow S & M devotees. We all have the same desires, whether Dom or sub. (The only thing I’d change is to make it non-gender specific, as I try to do here, so as to be all inclusive.)

Now, for some divisive questions… My lover recently sheepishly admitted that he has often spanked me harder and longer than circumstances would warrant solely because my round bottom seemed so receptive. I, lover of justice and fair play that I am, was appalled to hear this (though it confirmed a long held suspicion).

First question; given your druthers, would you prefer to be presented for punishment a deserving bottom that was more toward this end of the spectrum?

The lass has a haughty demeanor, look at that “my sh*t don’t stink” expression on her face. Now contemplate her slender tushy. Would you want to wear it out with your hand, then your belt, maybe finish her off with a session with the paddle? Or do you feel it is too small a target for all the ire you’d like to express?

Do you more prefer a backside like the one this lass possesses? She’s the same kind of cool customer, in need of discipline. These two examples are purposefully at the far ends of the spectrum, so as to help you sort out your feelings.

Can’t yet make up your mind? (Or are you truly an equal opportunity disciplinarian; every butt could benefit from some time over your knee?) Do you need to see various bottoms caught in the act of catching some swats? I’m here to help decide…

Here is a very intriguing video clip, in my opinion. The cute-but-small-butted beauty is given an introduction to the Canadian strap. I love the little coos and mews she makes! I love how the intensity builds slowly but steadily. I only wish that the video went on longer, that her bottom was bared part-way through.

For comparison, here are two women with larger bottoms taking harder attentions, both with the heavy paddle and a similar strap. There again, I only wish that both bottoms were completely bared, so as to feel the full brunt of the wallops.

Finally, submitted for your approval, here is a medium-sized-fanny shown both in jeans and without, taking a long hand spanking. Maybe you think this is the “Goldilocks” choice, one that is just right. (My reaction was to recall how much I hate spanking composed of glancing blows like these; they seem to do more damage than direct hits.)

What’s your reaction? Did this expose clarify or confuse your thinking? Remember, you can make this a multiple choice test, and select D, all of the above, if you prefer.

5 responses to “#619) Preferences: Thick or Thin?”

  1. Bring a paddle man I found that I prefer to use the lighter thinner paddles on smaller bottoms. I usually prefer sting over thud. Of course, some variety is nice but only occasionally.
    Is it my imagination or do the sounds made by the miscreants when the swats are just starting
    to hurt a bit sound similar to a woman closing in on an orgasm?
    Please also note sometimes their breathing becomes shorter and faster as the spanks grow in intensity much like the breathing of woman heading toward orgasm.This may only be my perception or maybe many others have noticed this years ago butt it was an epiphany to me
    Thanx bunches for the great post! You’re the best!

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  2. I have also fallen under the spell of a receptive bottom. Many times. No plans to inoculate myself.

    Most of my spanking fantasies were about spanking smaller bottoms. I was younger so that made sense. When I started spanking for real, I found that a bigger bottom does better receiving the amount of exertion I naturally desire to give in an everyday spanking. If I want to make her entire butt and thighs that perfect shade of pink, it’s hard work to cover everything thoroughly. I think that’s fair.

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  3. I want all of the butts as long as I get to destroy them lol

    Aesthetically and sensually I prefer medium or big butts but small butts are fun too. One of my fantasies actually is to take a giant paddle to a small butt just to see the fear in their eyes and to hear them beg me not to do it lol

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