#620) Is There a Correlation?

Just the other day, while Robert was administering one of the several spankings I received that day, he was moved to comment (not for the first time) that I possessed a perfect little anus.

“It’s just this small little aperture, almost identical to your innie navel!”

From my position OTK facing the carpet, I remarked, “That’s probably some nature and some nurture… I was probably born with a small anus, and I work hard at trying to keep it tight.” (I didn’t go into detail about how I periodically use hemorrhoidal cream to keep it from becoming inflamed.) “We can’t share butt sex as often as we do without a little wear and tear… I hope you won’t wake up in the middle of the night and try to fuck my navel! …On the other hand, if you want me to reach back there and hold my cheeks apart while you lubricate my rosebud amorously, you won’t be rebuffed…”

My ploy to distract him from the job at hand didn’t work, he continued spanking. But I’ve been thinking ever since, wondering if there’s a correlation between belly buttons and and butt holes. I guess that it has most to do with the delivery doctor. Does this surgeon actually tie a knot in the umbilical cord? Does the kind of knot matter in whether you have an innie or an outie?

This reflection made me think of the actress, Raquel Welch.

As you can plainly see, she has a knot for a navel. It made me desperately want to inspect her rosebud for comparison.

If you’re a reader here, Raquel, I hope you’ll come out of the lurking shadows and comment below. Your adoring fans really want to know! (Actually, several stars, such as Marie Osmond recently, have remarked that they found dealing with Raquel difficult, that she was a horrible prima donna.)

If other readers want to comment on any of the questions posed here, feel free, please.

And if you’ve never seen your butt hole, I encourage you to bend over with a hand-held mirror and get familiar with your anatomy. The great Kurt Vonnegut wrote a whole chapter on his hole, which he diagrammed and referred to as a starfish. *

Finally, I REALLY wish that I could conclude this hard-hitting research piece with some photos and video clips of all the cute anuses on display on the Internet! But, as we all know, this platform has a vague set of rules that prohibit this. So, just close your eyes along with me and imagine visions of sugar plums dancing in your head!

5 responses to “#620) Is There a Correlation?”

  1. I employ a mirror that I place behind the women I am spanking. I enjoy spreading their cheeks and pussy and checking out the view in the mirror. Gets me hard for the thanking after the spanking!

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