#621) A November Date

We meet in the park for a blind date.

I’m not disappointed when I first lay eyes on Joan, but she seems preoccupied.

“I’m so surprised at the weather,” she remarks as we stroll, “it turned out so warm! “Is that climate change? It was a bad idea to wear these leather pants…”

I take her hand in mine, look into her eyes. “You look phenomenal!”

“Thank you, but I’m miserable. I’m sweating like a pig! That’s probably a poor thing to say to someone who I just met…!”

We both laugh. “You’re not selling yourself well… but then again, you don’t need to…” The look in the smoldering brown eye of this stunning brunette gives me encouragement. I go in for a kiss. It’s reciprocated. It’s so thrilling to kiss another woman, especially one so desirable, I want to jump out of my skin!

Apparently, jumping out of hide is on Joan’s mind, too.

“Listen, I live right over there,” she nods her head toward the townhomes across the street. “Would you mind if we went back to my place so I could change into something that breathes?”

I notice that my breathing is exaggerated. Does she? I shake my head, we walk that way. Inside her front door, she kisses me again.

“These pants were tough to get into, they’re practically skin tight! I may need some help getting them off…” Joan shoots me a sidelong glance. I follow her into her bedroom.

We kiss some more. Her bra-less nipples poke at me in our tight embrace. She unbuttons, then unzips the black leather pants. I take hold of the waistband along with her and slowly peel them down. It takes all of our effort, but we get them down to half staff on her thighs. We are both breathing heavily, was it solely from exertion for her? I’m swooning. She went commando, so my hands are caressing bare buttocks. They are slick with sweat. I kneel and start to lick it off her curves. Joan closes her eyes, throws her head back, and lets me as I proceed to lick into her deep butt crack. I follow the seam with my tongue. I kiss her rosebud, then continue licking until I’m buried in her matted muff. It’s just as thickly luxurious here as on her head. It isn’t just sweat I taste, Joan is as aroused as I am. I lick my first pussy, wondering if it’s obvious that I’m a novice at it. We tumbled down onto her bed, a tangle of limbs. She is flat on her back and I am over her. We kiss again, and I wonder if it bothers her to be tasting her pussy on my lips. I quickly turn around so as to be able to eat her out some more. She reciprocated and raises her head into my crotch, fingers then licks me there. Just like with all of the men I’ve ever attempted sixty-nine with in the past, this is just as challenging. I can’t concentrate on her pussy because of all the electrical shocks shooting through my own from her talented tongue. It’s too much.

“Something I didn’t say in my personal ad,” I say to her labia lips, hoping that Joan can hear me okay, “but I’m kinky… I’d love to spank you for foreplay…”

I feel so vulnerable, so naked with my clothes pulled every which way for my naughty bits to be exposed, but Joan just giggles with a bubbly epervescence.

“Have I been a bad girl?”

“Well… you don’t keep a very neat room… My mother would’ve…”

“Yes, ma’am,” she surprises me by cutting me off and spinning around so that she now is sprawled across my lap, her gorgeous glutes in my face. I start to spank the perfect posterior playfully. This instantly does the trick for me, I’m turned-on and deeply in lust with this girl. It seems to be doing good things for Joan, too; she’s rubbing her pudendum into my thigh, cooing and mewing seductively.

We both hear the front door slam, and exchange a guilty look. I don’t know why I feel guilty, but I do.

“That’s my roommate, Tiffany,” Joan whispers. I expect her to continue by telling me to hide under the bed or jump out the window. “We’re in here, Tiff!” she calls out instead.

“Man, what a bad day to choose to wear skintight vinyl pants!” a female voice exclaims on her way to the bedroom.

Another vision appears before my eyes, this one with lighter hair and eyes, a bigger bum encased in even tighter trousers.

“Jean, this is Tiff, Tiff meet Jean,” Joan smiles. “Jeanie was just helping me out of my leather pants… I agree with you; hot for November, isn’t it?”

Joan’s casual demeanor isn’t reciprocated by Tiffany. “She looks like she was doing more than that…”

“Oh, yeah, she was spanking me…” the confession hangs in the air. Then Joan adds, “You two ought to get along famously, you share the same taste in kink!”

I return the direct stare that Tiff is giving me. “You’re a spanko?” I manage to ask.

“More of a Dominatrix,” she corrects. “I see that you are a spanko…”

“More of a switch…” I correct her. Her gaze brightens. A sinister smile crosses her pretty countinence.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with both Joan and I helping Tiff out of her boots and pants, and both of us taking turns across Tiffany’s imperial lap for a series of very strict but sensual spankings. That, and so much kissing and squealing and licking and fingering and naughtiness!

My jeans were not nearly as tight as either of their pants, buy I still found it difficult to pull them up at the conclusion of the date. My butt was so sore, I swear it was swollen. I know that my pussy was! I think my blind date was a success; I stumbled out of their door barely able to see straight in the twilight.

3 responses to “#621) A November Date”

  1. Taking a chance on a blind date with a woman and finishing up with an all female threesome ; giving and getting swats on new bottoms by new hands on unfamiliar laps.Definitely at least a few sexual climaxes thrown into the mix. Going home sexually sated and with a hot red sore bottom to boot.
    Did anything exciting happen that day??? 🙂

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