#622) An Afternoon Work-out

I came home from work feeling drained. I remembered how much energy I used to have, back before I caught Covid-19, back when I worked-out regularly.

I stripped-off my clothes (as I always do), but today I got down on the floor. I started meditating. I intended to stretch, do some Pilates, get back into a healthy regimen.

My lover came home from work. He took one look at me, and had other ideas for a work-out.

He rolled-up my yoga mat, elevated my ass upon it, then got out the whole arsenal of wooden implements. It proved to be a vigorous work-out. He worked me into a profuse sweat.

“Are you through, sir?” I inquired.

Undeterred, I assumed the downward facing dog pose.

Undeterred, he got up close behind my behind, parted my thighs, entered my sex. Another vigorous work-out ensued.

I was winded, but not exhausted. I did some toe-touches. This apparently only enticed my lover more. He parted my cheeks, spread my sexual excitement up my crack and rosebud. He, too, was winded, but not exhausted. My anus was worked as rigorously as my vagina just was. I was left sweaty and sticky and light-headed and love-spent.

He carried me into our bedroom, exercising his upper body strength, his legs as he gently put me down on the bed.

He helped me stretch more, until my toes were pointed in opposite directions, due north and south, with my outstretched arms pointing to the west, where the sun now set.

“Your thighs are numbered two,” he quoted from an ancient verse to me, “and they are as are the poles of the earth, for all that there is between them.”

He disciplined my proffered ass again, this time with his bare hand on my bare flesh. It was even more intimate than before. Our arousal was ignited with his flaming touch once more. He entered my rectum with his indefatiguable member. This, too, was even more intimate than before, whispering his love for me in my ear as he rogered me, worked me, made me grimace and groan. He deigned to climax within me this time, he for the first time, me for the seventh.

“Good work-out!” he pronounced with a hard slap on my east-facing ass.

“Good work-out, lover!” I returned. “Let’s make a habit of this… Tomorrow, same time, same places?”

He nodded as he headed to the shower.

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