#623) Sometimes I Have an Almost Uncontrollable Urge to Break the Rules

I wrote a nice story, a true reminiscence about spending some girlhood on my grandparent’s farm. Because this platform’s rules are so vague and all-encompassing, I’m afraid to publish my story here, afraid they might misconstrue it as child porn, suspend me, even take legal action. It is so frustrating; it makes this good girl want to rebel, throw caution to the wind, post something truly controversial!

I love the statement above. Note how it says nothing about humans fulfilling their natural appetites, indulging in the mouthwatering behaviors that make us all salivate, nourishing your soul by doing things that only two people should share in the privacy of their personal lives, but glorifying those behaviors by writing descriptively about them, and thereby glorifying the God in each of us. Ones’ individual taste should be taken into account! I’m the first one to confess that my tastes may be outside the norm, my appetites unusual, larger than others.

With all that in mind, the dictate of “safe, sane, and consensual” has given way to Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK) or Risk Accepted Consensual Kink (RACK). I take ownership of my desires and weaknesses.

So, here goes… I’m going to post some of the MOST decadent, delicious, forbidden images I’ve ever published. This is me, me at my essence, my most private needs…

Feast your eyes on that… that… that photo of ravioli. Oh good God!

And this, double cheese pizza. I shared that Sofia Vergara says that her weakness is cake. Well, mine is pastas and breads. Carbs!

Or the piece de resistance that I am powerless to resist, macaroni and cheese!

I meant what I said in the first paragraph about censorship by ambiguous rules, just got distracted by my Waterloo, my downfall, my unquenchable hunger for carbohydrates drenched in melted lactose. THAT is what I call sin. Heaven on earth!

7 responses to “#623) Sometimes I Have an Almost Uncontrollable Urge to Break the Rules”

  1. Sin is an invention of hypocrites to control the gullible. Morality is the bottom-line set of rules for people to be able to live together in a somewhat civilized manner. Neither approach, the theistic nor the humanist, have been very successful thus far. So, relax and just enjoy the ravioli.

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  2. Honestly? I don’t think it’d be risky if you wrote it the right way. I’ve seen plenty of spanking blogs talk about spankings that people received or witnessed as kids or teenagers. As long as it’s autobiographical I’d say it’s not a problem. After all, if you’re just reporting what happened and how you felt about it then you’re not really “making child porn”. You’re just talking about what happened to you. This is kind of an unavoidable aspect of having a fetish geared around something that most people are first exposed to as children. Especially since there’s the debate on whether or not trauma from childhood discipline causes one to have a spanking fetish. Now, that’s not to say I enjoy hearing sexual things about kids or something but I wouldn’t say it’s wrong to hear about someone discovering their sexuality

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  3. Carbs, spanking and sex are the great joys of life. I love the pics!
    However I worry that WP will frown at the Mac and cheese. It seemed so intimate! 🤔🙂
    Life would be sooo hard without lasagna or Mac and cheese or cheesecake.
    Thank you bunches for such a deep and sensual post! ( Now I am craving au gratin potatoes! See what you’ve done!)

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    • You’ve hit on the key point, paddlefan; it’s Mac & cheese and FOOD porn, not anything as mundane as sexual porn, that they should worry about!
      Warmly (like gooey noodles all over ones’ privates in bed while making love),
      Jean Marie


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