#624) Two Roses

Two pink petaled rosebuds grew in her backyard garden.
When they reached peak-ripeness, she cut them both,
placed them in a vase on her kitchen counter.
Her boyfriend came over to visit that afternoon,
as the sun streamed through the window,
she climbed up on the counter in the nude.
“I’m at peak-ripeness, too,” she smiled.
He sniffed them one at a time, the two in the vase,
and the other two pink petaled blossoms in her personal backyard.
Then he climbed up behind her on the counter,
and deflowered each of her pink personal blossoms in turn.

2 responses to “#624) Two Roses”

  1. There are a lot of humorous names for vaginal lips, and some ugly ones, too. I have always preferred the word “petals” instead of the clinical “labia.” And an aroused and engorged labia I would refer to as her being “in full bloom!”

    This post reminded me of that.

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