#626) Attitude

He got out his phone, snapped a picture of Diane in the limo. It bemused him that she had such an attitude. She was a firecracker, this one, John said to himself.
“What’re you gonna do… Spank me?” she sneered.
“You don’t know me very well… Yes, I am,” he returned.
She saw the steely look in his eyes. A sudden chill ran up her spine. She pulled herself into a fetal ball on the leather car seat, but he caught an ankle. He was so strong; she hadn’t realized how strong he was, dressed in his tuxedo. Before she knew it, John had pulled her to him, put her across his lap, was raising the hem of her short skirt.
“I’m sorry,” she gasped.
“No, you’re not… But you will be…”
A man of his word, John did just what he said. He spanked her. Long and hard. He had nothing better to do on the long drive to the Derby party in Louisville. This was God’s work; she needed it so badly. He spanked until her bottom glowed more brightly through her sheer panties than the pretty, hot orange party dress around her waist. He spanked her until she’d ruined her make-up, mascara running in rivulets down her cheeks, her matching orange lipstick smeared. But her mouth no longer sneered; it was opened wide in woeful surprise.
He put her back in her car seat, was encouraged that she immediately sat on one hip and grimaced in pain, as she smoothed her skirt back down and tried to restore some self-respect.
“That really hurt!”
“It was supposed to. It was a spanking. If your rich daddy had done that more often, you wouldn’t need it so badly now.”
Diane got the compact out of her purse and tried to repair her make-up. John reached out and lowered the little mirror, so that she looked at him across the limo. He continued in that low, confidence-filled tone of voice.
“I promise you, if you give me the least little excuse, show another flash of attitude at the party, I won’t hesitate to spank you in front of all the guests there. Do we understand each other?”
She surprised John by answering, “Yes, sir.”
He let some time go by, let her finish restoring her make-up. Then he tried to make small talk. They were near-strangers and would be spending hours in one another’s company, after all. “Do you have a favorite horse in the Derby?” Begrudgingly at first, Diane opened up. She proved to be quite knowledgeable about thoroughbreds and horse racing. They actually had a very pleasant time at the party, now that she’d had the attitude adjustment, had a good, cleansing cry, and John had straightened out the immediate problems in his world. On-lookers thought that they were a long-established couple, the way they laughed easily, the way she touched his arm affectionately.
Back in the limo, after Diane had imbibed a little too much champagne, she was emboldened to sit next to John and ask a probing question.
“Tell me something… Do you always spank for punishment… or do you sometimes spank playfully?”
And after a few more pointed questions, Diane got her answer, and they spent the rest of the long ride home making love.

2 responses to “#626) Attitude”

  1. It can be almost magical how a firm (hard) set of blows applied to the female (and oh so feminine) bottom can change her thoughts, emotions, and feelings (her bottom is on fire ).
    Somehow she feels more peaceful,more grounded and sometimes more deeply in love, submission and reverence to her spanker. It just shows there is a nerve (or set of nerves) running from her blazing bottom to her brain. I think psychologists are just now (after hundreds or thousands of years of spankings) finding out a simple spanking ( as needed) can be more effective in helping a woman to straighten out her thoughts than years of psychoanalysis.

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