#627) Paddle, Then Paddled

It’d been challenging growing up in a single-mother household, especially in a wealthy community like Lake Tahoe. But Jane and her mom had done fairly well. They didn’t have all the luxuries of their neighbors, but they got by. If only Jane would put into practice all the practical advice that her mother had tried to instill in her growing-up. But now that she was away for most of the year going to college, it was difficult for both of them. Jane wanted to be appreciated for having grown up, but Mom still treated her like a child. For instance, that stupid house rule about not having boys visit late at night. It was a good thing Mom didn’t know all the stuff Jane did nights at U.C. Santa Barbara, the party school she attended!
So, Jane had been caught by her mother en flagrante with Dave, a guy Jane had just met. It was one A.M., and Jane was inebriated, and half naked on her bed with Dave’s thing out when Mom came home. Jane didn’t want to deal with it, had just grabbed her clothes and run out of the house and down to the boat. Boats were like family cars in Tahoe, just as utilitarian. She’d run Dave home, spun over to her friend, Mary’s house to spend the night. Now, in the light of day, Jane had taken the boat out just to drive around and clear her mind.
It was one of those house rules to always check the gas gauge, whether in the family car or the boat. It was another of those stupid rules that Jane kept forgetting to follow. So, Jane was super surprised when the boat sputtered to a stop in the middle of the lake.
There was no alternative except to get out the long paddle and start rowing for home. It was hot and the paddling was hard, so she took her clothes off. Might as well catch some rays if she was going to be out in the sunshine. There would be hell to pay when she got home! Mom would probably ground her for an eternity, maybe most of her summer vacation. She had no idea…
When Jane finally was able to row the runabout into its slip, she put her clothes back on and stole into the house. Her plan was to drive the car to the marina gas station, get a can of gasoline, maybe even fill-up the car’s tank. That might appease Mom. At least somewhat. While creeping in her bedroom, Jane decided to change clothes. You never knew who you might see in town, maybe Dave, maybe some other cute guys. She was just putting on her red dress when her mom burst into the bedroom.
Jane expected a high-decibel lecture. She didn’t get one. She remembered thinking that she’d never seen her mother’s face so red. Next thing Jane knew, she was upended over her lap on the bed.
“Act like a child, get treated like a child…” was all her mother said. Then the punishment began. Where the hell did that wooden paddle come from? Jane started to resist, she was too old for this! “I swear, if you fight me, I’ll tie you up and paddle your ass all day long! Lay there and take it…” she snarled. Jane knew better than to do anything except what she’d been told to do. She’d never heard that menacing low tone of voice in her life. She was beyond mad, Mom was livid. And she took it out on Jane’s ass. God, she paddled hard! God, that paddle was vicious! There was nothing to do but let her vent her steam. That steam scalded Jane’s butt! It condensed and turned into rain, teardrops that coursed down Jane’s other cheeks. After about half an hour of non-stop onslaught, Jane heard the command, “Get up!” She obeyed, thinking, hoping it was over. “Bend over the bed. I want to put my shoulder into the swats,” her mother stated evenly.
Oh fuck! Jane thought, it was only going to get worse. It was then, when Jane was assuming the required position, that she saw the sight that froze her blood, even as it pounded hotly in her backside. Dave was outside her bedroom window looking in! He’d obviously come by to see if Jane was okay. She was anything but okay! She put her hands on the low mattress and stuck her flaming fanny out. The wallops rang out deafeningly, ricocheting off the walls, ricocheting off her ass, wallop after wallop, until Jane’s knees buckled and she crumpled to the floor in a remorseful, sobbing heap.
“Come out for some breakfast when you’re ready… and we’ll talk about all the rules you broke… be ready for another session with this paddle at lunchtime… and again at dinner and bedtime… I thought I taught you better, Jane… I’m very disappointed in you!” And the door closed, and Jane was left to cry and rub and dread what the day held in-store.

(This is the venerable Chelsea Pfeiffer wielding the paddle at right. I’ve always had a thing for her, would love to spank and be spanked by her!)

(If you’re observant, you’ll notice that the photo above has been reversed. Steering-wheels in boats are on the right.)

5 responses to “#627) Paddle, Then Paddled”

  1. I appreciate reading about the 2 proper uses of a paddle.When applied three times in one day to a sorely needy bottom a paddle will change behavior. The temperature and color of noted bottom will greatly change as well. The tears (I love tears in a repentant miscreant!) are the evidence of both pain and an attitude change.
    A paddle on a boat can be helpful as well in a different way.
    A post from you exhorting the well known benefits of a paddle is a very welcome post indeed. So…..
    Thanx bunches of bunches for an exciting and illustrative post!!
    ( I LOVE IT when a paddle is the star of the show!!) 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Please consider it my personal gift to you. Maybe someday it’ll be in a collection of short stories that I can autograph for you. It tickles me that you so love this implement, this implement that I detested for so long, but have come around to appreciate!


      • Glad you’re learning the benefits of the paddle. I should have known you would catch on .
        After all great minds think alike ☺️
        I definitely want a first edition (autographed)for sure
        Thanx bunches for the very nice post!

        Liked by 1 person

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