#629) Blush

Jeanie was on her second glass of blush wine and feeling no pain. She’d phoned her best girlfriend up and invited her over, then removed the receiver from the princess phone. She didn’t want to get any pain-in-the-ass calls now, especially from that poop-head Troy!
Trish sat on the toilet, not using the toilet, just sat there, fully clothed, the only other place to sit in the small pink bathroom. Jeanie let Trish catch up with her and enjoy the blush wine. Her friend surpassed Jeanie, even went to the kitchen’s fridge to open a second bottle, and put it on the bathmat between them. Jeanie finished shaving her legs, and was trimming her muff as they talked.
“I think I’m gonna cut Troy loose,” Jeanie announced. She would’ve said “kick him to the curb,” but they didn’t use that vernacular in 1974, the year this story set in.
“I’m glad to hear it,” Trish returned a little too loudly. “I never felt he was worthy of you!”
“Ah, that’s nice of you to say…” Jeanie blushed. Then her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “But I’m afraid if I do, I’ll die an old maid, never get fucked again!” Her brown eyes over-brimmed and spilled remorse down her pretty face.
“Don’t be ridiculous!” Trish shot back. “Look at your cute body! If you’d just get out there more, you’d be beating guys off with a stick!”
Jeanie started to draw a hot bubble bath. They didn’t try to talk over the loud onrush of water from the bath faucet. Jeanie just slithered into the water, rubbing various erogenous zones, and her friend watched her, secretly getting aroused, attributing it to the steaminess of the closed space.
“Tell me something…” Jeanie voiced in a near whisper, once she’d turned-off the tap, “Have you ever kissed another girl?”
Trish smiled at the reminiscence, “Once, back in college… just, you know, experimenting…” Her cheeks grew flushed at the thought.
“I think about kissing you…” Jeanie confessed as she splashed around, looking like a sleek otter and suddenly smelling a little fishy. “I guess that’s the wine talking… but I have…”
“I’ve often thought that wine can be a kind of truth serum…” Trish replied. She stood up, stretched, kneeled by the tub’s edge, leaned-in and kissed her friend full on the lips. Both women blushed now.
“Take your clothes off…” Jeanie implored. “I don’t want you to get them wet…”
The statuesque blond stood, pulled her pants and underpants down with one swift jerk and announced, “It’s too late to prevent that.” Indeed, her pubic bush was matted with arousal, was more pungent than Jeanie’s pussy. Trish quickly disrobed and joined Jeanie in the tub, too bold to blush at what she wanted so badly, the water threatening to overflow the brim. Hungry lips sought out and found their mate, hardening nipples poked into one another, labial lips were reciprocally parted and fingered.
Trish interrupted her imploring moans to ask, “Finger my butt hole! Do you mind? I’m extremely anal-erotic…”
“Mind?” Jeanie scoffed, “I’d love to… I always suspected you liked butt stuff…” She fingered the forbidden orifice with one wet finger, then two, and when her friend threatened to climax, withdrew both to spank her wet flesh. “No fair cumming before I do…”
“Then you better hurry up!” Trish responded and stuck her blushing bottom out for more spanks. They came simultaneously, both half submerging underwater as they did, and resurfaced coughing, having half drowned in the process.
“We should get out of this tub…” Jeanie announced red-faced, and Trish looked at her, wondering if she was calling a halt to the frolic, “…and continue in my bed…”
Giggling, they got out of the bath, wrapped each other in towels, snagged the bottle and their glasses, and scampered to the large bed. The time for blushing was through. It was time to act on impulses the friends had harbored for years.

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