#630) Bathtime, But Not Getting Clean

The last story, “Blush,” really turned me on as I wrote it. Big surprise, I know! But in that gratitude headspace I’m in, it made me rejoice. I felt fully recovered from Covid, I felt glorious standing nude in front of the old computer again, pecking at the keys, and slapping my butt hard periodically, and rubbing my little love knot every now and again.

As soon as I hit the “Publish” button, I yelled out loud, “I’m baaaaack!” and concentrated on both my butt and my clit with both hands. After a really, really (I mean extraordinarily) satisfying orgasm, I felt I needed a bath. Not a shower like I usually take in the morning, I wanted a sensual, languid, hot bubble bath to soak in and play in and get dirty in.

I was in there when Robert came home, having refilled the tub about twelve times with scalding water, having masturbated so much that my whole body was getting pruney.

“What cha doin’?”

“Foolin’ around.”

“So I see.”

I accepted his proffered hand to stand up. I thought he might put a finger where I’d just vacated. He was welcome in either of those holes. Instead he spanked my wet bottom. We all know that slaps sting so much more on wet flesh. I accepted his attention submissively, even appreciatively. The spanks stoked my fire, even while I was dripping wet and starting to shiver. I could see that my spanking pleased Robert just as much, his package was making the sleek cut of his trousers tight and bulge around the crotch.

“Take your clothes off and get in here,” I offered, bending over slightly to offer out my ass to him for whatever purpose he wanted to put it to, “I think there’s a little hot water left…”

“You should come out of there and join me,” he said. He hadn’t even read “Blush” but knew intrinsically to be safe.

I held his hand and stepped out of the tub. He tried to towel me off as I tried to strip him off. Neither of us was completely successful, but enough so that we could make good on his wording and “join.”

(I had the nearly-impossible-urge-to-resist impulse to post a picture of my bared and bathed butt to accompany this story. [Though no one can be SURE that the one at left is NOT mine.] I tell you this because it’s on my heart, heavily, continuously. My lover, God bless him, talked/spanked me out of the idea. Maybe/hopefully someday…

I will tell you honestly that the photo above of the well-endowed woman in glasses is sexier than any photo I could take today…)

3 responses to “#630) Bathtime, But Not Getting Clean”

  1. I found this post to be quite uplifting. It’s sensual for sure . The spanking content is exciting definitely. Butt for some reason it really lifted my mood.
    Thanx bunches for this mood -elevating post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Was it so “rousing” that you had to take matters in hand to address the situation? As you know from the tale, I had to do so, and got my tail in the wringer because of my efforts…
      I think that SEX is one of the GREAT aspects of this life, whether shared in a group, in a couple, solo!


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