#632) The Yin and Yang of My Life

I’m a grown ass woman with responsibilities,
who loves nothing more than to be taken over a knee
and spanked like a naughty little girl.

My backside is well padded for its primary task of providing a comfortable seat,
yet I continually behave in such a way that my punishment
will preclude my being able to comfortably do so.

I taught my anal sphincter to learn a lesson from my pussy,
to be multi-task-oriented as both an exit for bodily functions
and, as importantly, as an entrance for sexual congress.

I’m a happy heterosexual
who dreams constantly about licking vagina
and having its possessor lick mine.

I think about how my nipples
may one day give suck to an infant
as they are pinched and tortured by my lover.

My body is just a temporary vessel for my one-way journey on this temporal plain,
where I get pleasure from pain, and the grass seems always greener
when my ass is all the redder.

4 responses to “#632) The Yin and Yang of My Life”

    • I agree, Violets; nice to hear from you again!
      How about the word-picture? I detest convoluted poetry! I may submit this to the New Yorker magazine, see if they run something accessible and meaningful for a change!


      • Your word pictures always strike me as candid, carefully considered and crafted Caligynephilic curiosities. I agree that the New Yorker can be pleased with itself sometimes, but so can’t we all? And a good remedy for that is…it all comes back to spanking, doesn’t it? Keep up the good work, JM.

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