#634) And the Beat Goes On (Part II to “Paddle, Then Paddled”)

(This is a stand-alone piece, but continues the storyline of post #627)

It was a week later. The bruises that Jane’s mother had instilled in her daughter’s butt flesh had faded. Her mother, Beth, hoped the lesson they were meant to instill had not. Nonetheless, Jane was grounded, only allowed out of their Lake Tahoe home in the company of Beth.

It was Saturday, shopping day.

“Can you be ready to go in ten minutes?” Beth asked as they finished breakfast.

“I’d really like to bath, wash my hair first, how about in an hour and ten minutes?”

Beth, who just pulled a ball-cap over her mussed hair was not pleased, but she remembered what it was like to be a co-ed in college. She waited.

When an hour had gone by, and Jane was still in the never-ending shower, Beth came into the bathroom to move things along. She found her daughter masturbating in the tub, her hair not yet even wet! She grabbed Jane by the wrist, yanked her to her feet, reached for a nearby hairbrush, and started walloping the tardy girl’s wet buttocks. She really wailed the tar out of the offending girl’s backside, but it wasn’t sufficient in Beth’s eyes.

“Forget about your hair,” Mom said to daughter, taking off the Dodgers cap and sticking it on Jane’s head. “You be out of that tub, dried-off and dressed, and ready to go shopping with me within ten minutes, or I’ll revisit your butt with this brush! Is that clear?” and she administered several more swats for emphasis.

Nine minutes later, Jane was sitting next to Beth in the front car seat, albeit gingerly. At the store, among all the groceries and sundries, Beth happened upon a display of bath-brushes.

“I think we need one of those,” Beth smiled.

“No, Mom, please…!”

“Look, it says that it’s ‘gentle and cruelty-free,’ Do you think I should pull your jeans down right here and see if that is truth in advertising?”

“No, Mom, please…!” Jane repeated, mortified.

Beth put the new implement in their shopping cart.

Just as soon as they were home and the perishables were in the fridge, Beth turned to her daughter.

“Go to your room, bare your bottom, bend over your bed and wait for me. I think we ought to initiate this new toy…” Beth said, brandishing the bath-brush.

“But I haven’t done anything wrong… recently…!”

“Did you ever hear of a maintenance spanking, one given just to keep you on the straight and narrow? Well, you will! Now do as I say!”

A few moments later, Beth found Jane in her room, having followed all the instructions, but unhappy about it.

“Mom, please, I’m still sore from this morning’s paddling!”

“I’m still sore, too… about your many misbehaviors… WHACK! and about your attitude… WHACK! my, the long handle on this thing gives nice leverage! WHACK! I don’t know who you are anymore! WHACK! going out with a boy past midnight! WHACK! staying out all night without telling me a thing! WHACK! running the boat out of gas! WHACK! Who the hell is that?”

Jane looked back at her mother, then looked out the bedroom window where Beth was looking. “Oh, that’s Dave… a boy I know…”

“Know in the Biblical sense, I bet! WHACK! Go out there and tell him it’s illegal to be a Peeping Tom! WHACK! Tell him to get his butt in here! Now, go! WHACK!

“But, Mom, I’m nearly naked!”

“Hasn’t he seen you that way already?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Then git!” WHACK!

Jane sprinted outside wearing only her bra and two sets of blushing cheeks. “Dave, you asshole, you’ve been lurking around here a lot! My Mom saw you, she wants you to come inside…”

Dave followed Jane indoors, having trouble keeping his eyes off her undulating crimson bottom. It gave him a stiffy.

“Mom, this is David Matthews, Dave, this is my Mom.”

“What’re you doin’ staring in women’s windows?” Beth spat.

“I was concerned about Jane.”

“She’s getting a well deserved paddling. Maybe I’m paddling the wrong buttocks. Should I order you over the bed, too? Or maybe I should paddle the offending appendage…” and she pointed the bath-brush at Dave’s protrusion. Both Dave and Jane shook their heads. “No? Then get out of here and don’t come around again, or I will!”

Dave ran out of the house with his ears filled with the sound of that brush coming into high velocity contact with Jane’s bare butt.


The girl was reduced to tears. The mother, who had been filled with righteous indignation, was now beaming with self-satisfaction.

“The bath-brush might have been made ‘cruelty-free’ but I’m not! You’ll get to know it better in a week for your next Maintenance Paddling. That is, if you behave until next Saturday. You have a weekly appointment with this brush until you go back to college in the fall. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Then why don’t you go take a soothing bath?” Beth said lovingly. “…But if I hear any slish-slish of wet pussy, instead of slish-slosh of a chaste bath, you’ll feel this brush sooner than you care to…”

“Yes, ma’am,” and Jane stood and removed her bra with one hand, while the other tried to console her screaming tush.

2 responses to “#634) And the Beat Goes On (Part II to “Paddle, Then Paddled”)”

  1. Owwwww!
    Bath brushes with their long handles are very effective in changing a female’s behavior.
    I myself have spanked an unspeakably naughty woman with such a brush. After a good warm-up I had barely begun the spanking when she quickly and tearfully saw the error of her ways. When it was finally over she continued to cry and gently rub her bruised very red behind for a good while. Later she thanked me for punishing her and even called me sir.
    Thus based on that experience I found your story highly erotic. I loved the pics too!
    Thanx megabunches for a very arousing story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, that mechanic advantage of the long handle is an amazing thing! I hope everyone, Top and bottom alike, can get firsthand experience both giving and receiving the effects of a long-handled bath-brush, just to fully appreciate that amazement.
      If more Tops felt just one lick with the implement they are utilizing, there’d be a lot more understanding between partners, communication between the sexes, positive discipline in this world. Thank you for coming to my TED talk!


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